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[ISSUE FIXED] What Does Message Blocking Is Active On Android & iPhone

Message Blocking Is Active

Sometimes when you send a message, there is an error that can be seen as “Free message: unable to send the messagemessage blocking is active,” which can be very despiteful when you have to send an urgent message. We are aware of the fact that texting each other plays a significant role in communication for a common purpose. When there is any problem while sending or receiving messages, this can be very distressing.

Message Blocking Is Active

Message blocking is active‘ is mainly seen by the users of Android and iPhone and can be seen just after sending a message. For most users, the main conveyor for this issue is T-Mobile. We have come up with a solution to this issue that will be very easy to follow by the users who have faced this type of situation on some other conveyors and for T- Mobile.

So, let’s see how we can fix the issue when there is “Free message: unable to send the messagemessage blocking is active.

What does message blocking mean?

Ever wondered what “message blocking” means? Read more about it here:
The term “message blocking” refers to preventing texts from being delivered by a telecommunications provider. Message blocking is typically used as a form of parental control, but it can also be used to block spam or eliminate specific messages, such as marketing text messages.

Message blocking is active android and often offered on smartphones; some carriers offer it for free, but it can also be purchased through an app store for other pages. Message blocking may be activated remotely by friends or family members to help ensure the safety of children and teens using their phones without supervision. Check about how to turn off message blocking on iphone below in the article.

Message blocking can also be used to prevent specific unwanted messages from being delivered to a user. Some users enrolled in an organization, such as a political party or advocacy group, may desire to prevent text messages from being sent that are irrelevant to their political affiliation. In the case of spammers and some marketing campaigns, message blocking can be used to prevent these messages from reaching you.

In many cases, message blocking is considered illegal because it prevents users from
receiving critical information in an emergency. Check below how do i fix message blocking is active

What is Message Blocking Is Active Mean?

The ‘message blocking is active‘ text can be mainly seen on iPhones and Android devices, which means you have blocked the person you are texting. The leading cause of this error is that you have blocked the person you are texting, or the receiver has blocked you. In simple words, either they are on your block list, or you are on their block list.

Reasons for Message Blocking Is Active on Android/iPhone

  1. Service Outage– You can see this message blocking is active when there are some network issues on your device, so you should wait for some time because there is also a chance that your service provider has paused the messaging service for doing any maintenance.
  2. Shortcode Issues- Some “message blocking is active” errors can be caused when the shortcode is inactive or incorrect. It is common in T- Mobile. But if the shortcode is active and correct, you should contact Mobile so that the issues can be fixed by their technicians.
  3. App restrictions to text messages- The “message blocking is active” error may be caused when the receiver of the message has been confined to the messages coming from a particular group or type of user. On the other hand, some apps can not work with your carrier correctly, which may cause an issue. If there is such a situation, you should check whether there is an option to allow these apps manually. If there is no such option to enable these apps, you will not solve this problem yourself.
  4. Data Plan Issues- You should have to be aware of the plan you have done to your device. When sending a message through your data plan, there will be more chances to get this message “message blocking is active,” and the recipient will not receive the message.
  5. Check for the premium message support- You should also have confirmed the message or service you are sending can assist the premium text messaging service or not. We had already discussed the condition when the carrier had not supported a premium text messaging service by which you cannot send the message. In this condition, you should confirm that there is no issue on the recipient’s end.
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How to remove message blocking or fix the “message blocking is active” issue on iPhone and Android devices

How to message blocking can be unblocked

  1. Check area coverage: If the area of coverage is shown as ‘None,’ you will not be able to send or receive messages and also in making or receive phone calls.
  2. Check whether your phone is active or not: First, you have to go to the ‘Settings’ of your device account, then check whether your phone is functional or not. If it appeared as ‘Suspended’ or ‘Still Porting,’ you cannot send or receive the message about it before. In the device settings of your account, check whether the option ‘Send/Receive Text Messages is enabled or not. If not, allow this option to fix the problem of sending and receiving text messages. If you don’t have any plan of text messaging on your phone or your number is not active, you will not enable this option.
  3. Your Country Code: When a “ message blocking is active” error occurs in an international text message. This error can be fixed very quickly; you have to search for the country code on Google which you will be rectified if you are using the wrong country code.

How to message blocking can be turned off on Android devices

  1. Re-start the process of texting messages: If “ message blocking is active” the error appears only on one device and not on the other, It may be the phone number to which you are texting the message is incorrect. So, in this case, delete the number save it again, and then restart the process.
  2. Eject and Change the SIM you are using: Eject the SIM you are using for text messaging and try with a new SIM. If the new SIM works and does not show the error “message blocking is active,” then you can conclude that the issues were on the sim. There are many such kinds of SIM-specific mistakes that occurred in many cases. So, please check whether this is the case that happened to you.
  3. Deactivation of message blocking: How to do it: If you are getting “message blocking is active” again, an option will work. When a person blocks you, you can tell them to unblock you. If you are not sure whether the person has blocked you or not, call that number; if it is connected, that means you are not blocked by that person and have not blocked them, but if the call doesn’t connect, it means either you have been blocked, or you have blocked that person. If the call is ringing, then you should try other options that you will find in this article.message blocking
  1. Unblocking the message blocking

Some users can resolve this issue by only sending plain text in text messages. You can get “message blocking is active” text by the use or addition of other non-plain- text to the message. It would be best if you eliminated all the attachments, pictures, graphics, or emojis that are present in your message and then retry.

  1. Formatting the phone

Formatting the phone is the last option you can do to fix the “message blocking is active” error on which you have to reset your device completely.

For performing this, firstly go to ‘Settings,’ click on ‘Reset,’ then click on ‘Factory Data Reset, and finally enter the information it requests to perform a complete factory reset on your device, after which your device will return to default which can be very helpful to you when you try this.

On iPhone, how to turn off message blocking is active?

This part of the article will let you know about fixing iPhone message blocking and what you should do to turn off the message-blocking active iPhone.

  1. Examine whether the recipient’s information is filled in correctly: In case of text messaging and e-mail issues, always check first whether you have filled in the correct information of the recipient or not because problems may be arising due to incorrect details of the recipient. When you even miss a character of a number or a letter, it may restrict the delivery of text messages to the recipient. Hence, always check whether the correct information is entered or not.
  2. Eject and change the SIM: Eject the SIM you used before and try to text message by using a new SIM. If the new SIM works, then there is a SIM-specific issue. In many cases, the problems the related to the SIM, so check whether this is the case for you.
  3. Turn off iMessage: For overcoming the fault and fixing the issues turning iMessage off can be very helpful. The problems can be caused either by the regular texting app of your iPhone or iMessage. So, turning the iMessage off and trying to text using a different messaging app can fix the issues.

For doing this, Open Settings>>  Click on ‘Messages>> Click on ‘Turn iMessage off. After doing this, try again to send a message. If the issues are not fixed yet, they may be due to another cause, then try to fix it by other processes.

  1. Using iMessage, try to send a text: After doing the above fixing, if the issue is not yet solved, it may not be due to iMessage. So now, we will do another simple task on the iMessage app and then again try to send a text message.

For doing the task, firstly, make sure that your device has a good internet connection ( when you don’t have an internet connection or any active data plan, then always leave iMessage by turning it off).

Go to ‘Settings’ >> Tap on ‘Messages’ >> Click on ‘Send and Recieve’ >> Click on ‘Apple ID >> tap on ‘Sign Out’ >> reboot your iPhone >> Go back to ‘Settings’ >> Click on the ‘Messages >> Finally click ‘Use Your Apple ID for iMessage.

  1. Checking the Network Quality: For doing this fixing, a good internet connection is essential because the iMessage app uses an internet connection. You don’t have to reset your network settings as suggested by some other apps that use internet connectivity are working correctly. You have to confirm whether all other apps that use internet connections, such as Facebook, Google Chrome, and others, are using the internet or not. If they are not, it can be your phone issue but not the text messaging app.
  2. Are they, or are you blocked?: When we talked about how we can turn off the iMessage app, then blocking on iPhone or Android will be active. So, when you are blocked, you will be unable to send a text message to the recipient – “Message Blocking is active.”
  3. Update to the latest version of iOS and determine how old your iPhone is: You should check whether the software running on your device is the latest or not. We know that the latest iPhones have the latest software running on them. Mainly in the case of the iPhone, the differences between their versions are because of their latest software. Updates are very useful for running the latest version.

If you run an older iPhone, you will not get the latest OTA (over-the-air) updates and the software will also be old so the text messaging apps will not work properly.

For checking the updates on your iPhone, First, Go to ‘Settings’ on your iPhone >> Click on ‘General>> tap on ‘Software Updates’ after which you will be able to check if there is any software update available.

  1. To fix “Message Blocking is active” on iPhone do a complete factory reset: To do a complete factory reset on your iPhone, Go to ‘Settings>> Click on ‘General’ >> Tap on ‘Reset’ >> Click on ‘Erase all content’ and ‘Settings’>> Confirm what you have to reset >> enter the PIN Code of your phone and your Apple ID and password by which ‘Find My Service’ will be turned off >> After it, the screen will turn blank >> A logo of Apple with ‘Progress Bar’ will be appeared >> After completion of resetting the phone you will be greeted with flashes of ‘Hello’

This should be your last effort to manage the “message blocking is active” on iPhone.

Note: In our all tests and fixes, one thing that we noticed is the users of iPhone appear to have a couple of more things or advantages  [in option to the ones we suggest for android clients, so check those as we added a few things we didn’t add here that could help] to give consideration would it be a good idea for them if they see any mistake: Free Msg: Unable to send a message – Message Blocking is active is vigorous.

These would go from something as straightforward as tweaking a choice in settings to doing a total programming update. So you need to attempt the fixes in the request in which we organized them as it’s organized from the least difficult to the most exceptional. You sometimes need to restart your telephone and proclaim that this issue is repeating.

The problem of “Message Blocking is active” on Lycamobile

Here are a few text message fixes that should be very helpful to you if you have Lycamobile and are facing the problem of ‘message blocking being active. You would face the problem of ‘message blocking is active’ since 2019, mainly, in the case where your plans are expired and you have not recharged yet or don’t have an active data plan.

  1. For resolving the issue of ‘message blocking is active’ in Lycamobile, first visit the Lycamobile website and purchase a plan. When you have an active plan even of $19, you will stop seeing this issue in the texting app of your phone.
  2. You should turn off the Wi-Fi of your Lycamobile and check again whether it starts sending the text message because it has been seen in many cases that when they turned off the Wi-Fi the issue of message blocking is overcome and the device starts to send the text messages.
  3. If you are facing a problem even after doing the above fixes then there may be a problem with the SIM. As the SIM-related issues are device-specific, you can fix the issue by ejecting the SIM from that device and inserting it into another device.
  4. Another method that will help you to fix the text messages issues of Lycamobile is that Sometimes there is a situation in which you can send from your email to your phone but are not able to send from your phone to your email.

This can be fixed by doing the following process:

Go to ‘Settings>> Navigate and tap on ‘Networks>> Click on ‘Mobile Networks >> Tap on ‘Access Point Name’ >> Input and save the recommended settings from Lycamobile.

  1. Another possible method to fix the issue related to text messages for Lycamobile is to check whether your phone has the preferred message center settings for the Lycomobile. To check it, you have to follow the steps as below:

Go to Menu >> Tap on ‘Messages’  >> Tap on ‘Message Settings’ >> Click on ‘Sending Profiles’ >> Click on the first profile to check whether the figures fit the latest message center of Lycamobile.

Deactivation of Message Blocking is Active on Metro Pcs

  1. One of the most common and obvious reasons that Message Blocking is Active on Metro Pcs seems to be the issue that your plan doesn’t enable you to use the features you want.

In most situations, any simple purchase or subscription will allow you to make international calls from the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, or Australia.

  1. The second thing you have to check is the SIM card because it may have some device-specific issues. Check the SIM by inserting it into another device, if it works, the problem is not related to the SIM. You can also check the network connection and can reset the network as it is very important for sending a text message.
  2. You can also contact Metro Pcs who can request a refresh of the smartphone and message features of your SIM card.
  3. If the recipient has not paid their phone bill you can see message blocking is active on Metro Pcs. So, check the recipient whether they have paid the bill.


What is meant by, ‘Unable to send a message- Message Blocking is active?

Ans: It is due to some kind of issue, which means that you are unable to send and receive messages on your iPhone or Android device. This error message gives you an update when you are sending a message to the recipient and it gets blocked.

How delayed messages can be fixed?

Ans: Message delays usually occur due to low network connection but there can be also many other reasons. To fix it, you should restart your phone, clear the app cache and reset network settings.

Why always my phone is saying ‘Message Failed to Send’?

Ans: If you receive a message from a particular number and are not able to reply to that number then there will be a problem with SMSC, which is responsible for sending a message. You can fix it by,

  • Set the SMSC number in any other messaging application.
  • Through the secret phone menu, Set the SMSC number.
  • Reset that SMSC number on another device.


This was all about the issues of the ‘Message Blocking is Active’ error on iPhone as well as on Android devices. All the possible fixes have been listed in this article. Please let me know when your device was showing ‘Message Blocking is Active’, which of the mentioned fixes helped you, and your thoughts regarding this in the comments.

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