IPRee® Battery Heated Waterproof Gloves with Touchscreen sensitivity for $15.99

ipree battery heated gloves

A primary recommendation this winter season, as the chilly winter is fast approaching, we are here with one of our best suggestions to keep your hands warm while performing your day to day activities.

What is Battery Heated Gloves?

Made with Nylon and Polyester this battery heated waterproof glove weighs only about 500g, thus helping you enjoy the outdoors longer. With a smooth exterior and comfortable interior, the glove can retain and store your body heat, thus not letting your cold fingers from stopping you from what you were doing. Constructed with AA battery type material the temperature inside your gloves is approximately 40-55 degrees thus helping you cope up with the chilly winters ahead of us.

Heated waterproof gloves


Can I use my phone while wearing these battery heated gloves?

A substantial amount of consideration was given during the preparation of its design. Cellphones are a significant part of our day-to-day life, both inside and outside our house. Thus, we have added a premium feature that provides sensitive touch screen compatibility on thumb and index fingers allowing you to control all and any electronic device even your Mobile Phone!

What happens if I bend my fingers a lot, will the glove fall out?

The Omni wick technology, with its quick to dry and sweat-wicking property, keeps your hands dry. Moreover, it prevents the glove from slipping away from your hand. The Anti-Skid design gives an added safety when you are driving, skiing, biking.

 battery heated gloves

Are the gloves Unisex?

Fashion and comfort have no gender; most women prefer to buy medium while men usually purchase large. But not to worry we have all sizes available for both men and women.

battery heated gloves

What is the best use of Battery Heated Gloves?

The design of gloves doesn’t limit the usage of any activity type. You can wear them while Cycling, Climbing, Hiking & Trekking, Ski & Snow, Trail Running, and Traveling as well.