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i200 TWS Review and Specification

i200 TWS

Are the air pods clone useful at all? Indeed, Yes! Each week, a lot of new Air Pod clones released. Now there’s just a handful of them in the marketplace. “The real question, however, is, “Are these  Air Pods clone good at all? We will help you make a decision in this article about whether or not you should purchase the latest i200 TWS.

One of the most successful wireless headphones in 2019 was the Apple Air Pods2, but the cost is ridiculously high. Therefore, in our review, let’s see another copy named i200 TWS.

Unboxing i200 TWS earphones

Within the package, you’ll get two Bluetooth wireless earphones, one charging box, one USB cable for manually charging and one user manual to describe all of its features.

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The case and wireless earphones are made of the same material, bright silver plastic. There is an LED on the front side that lights up when charging. There is a metallic frosted mount on the back of the case to open or close the lid. The bottom of the case has a Lightning port for charging.

i200 TWS

Bluetooth connectivity

Bluetooth 5.0 technology comes with the i200 TWS Air Pods. That’s why within 10m radar, you will have an uninterrupted transmission of audio.

Compatibility with Android and iOS

The Air Pods can connect with any device, given the Bluetooth technology is built into it.


The weight of the headsets and the case is 47.3 grams which is 1 gram more than those of the Air Pods 2.

Noise Cancellation

The audio quality is balance really well. This is because of the CVC noise reduction technology; most background noise can be cancelled out. This helps you to connect to the audio track in its purest form.

The battery life of i200 TWS

You get nearly 100 hours of standby time and 6 hours of talking time with the i200 TWS Air Pods.

i200 TWS

Sound Quality in i200 TWS

Compared with the i100 TWS, the sound quality of the i200 TWS is better.

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