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Hubsan ACE Pro now available for $799

Hubsan ACE Pro

The Hubsan Ace Pro is the drone launched right after the teaser was announced. The ACE SE, ACE, and ACE Pro’s manufacturer Hubsan came up with this new product- the ACE Pro drone. That of the Mavic Air highly inspires its look and other models.



Size Folded 20.3 X 24 X 8.6cm
Camera 48 MP
Battery 4500 mAh
Size in Flight 20 X 13 X 8.6 cm
Gross Weight 543 g

Hubsan ACE Pro price


About Husban ACE Pro Drone

The Husban ACE Pro drone comes with a 1/1.3-inchCMOS image sensor that clarifies the image. Also, the Drone comes with a camera of 48 MP that provides clarity to capture pictures and record videos from a significant distance. The Drone has a large mixed pixel of 2.4 um and f/1.85 super large aperture. The Drone is capable of 6X zoom from such a considerable distance.

The Drone is designed to have all specifications but keep in mind the Drone’s weight- not to make it too heavy. So, it is exceptionally light in weight, having 543 grams. The Drone is 1/1.3-inchCMOSand has CMOS f/1.85. It can capture videos in 4K format and at 30 fps along within HDR format.

It has obstacle avoidance technology to clear the path while traveling and capturing photos and videos. The 100 Mbps-100Mbps Video Bitrate makes the Drone fast and smooth enough to run and work smoothly.

There is a 35- minute max flight time, which is huge and enough to cover a whole event or shoot with many takes. It comes with SyncLeas3 Digital Transmission that covers the entire event without lag or disturbance.

The image quality is tremendous and has a 10KM Image Transmission feature that is relatively fast and huge. The Husban Ace Pro drone has a range of 500m Max Take-Off Altitude capable and high enough to shoot with a wide-angle.

The Drone is water-resistant and is of class 8 with ATVT3.9 Tracking. This feature protects the Drone from getting wet or lost. The Drone comes with Home VI (Visual Identity) that helps the Drone identify and capture with proper aperture fixture.

The Husban Ace Pro Drone can resist strong winds ranging up to 16 m/s and can be tracked with subjects with the ATVT3.0 function and 19 automated flight modes.

Hubsan ACE


Speaking of the capacity and storage, it has an SD card inserted to run with 8GB, 64 GB, and 128 GB. The Micro SD Card comes with a slot to store all the data while on the flight. The Over U3 has over 16 GB, 32 GB, 64 GB, and 128 GB storage.



The HusbanAce Pro Drone is a little larger than the Ace and Ace Pro with a 20.3 X 24 X 8.6 cm while folded and 20 X 13 X 8.6 cm while in flight. The weight of the Drone is exceptionally light and is about 560 grams.



The Husban Ace Pro Drone has got its power supply from a Li-Lon-based 3S battery that has a capacity of 4500 mAh that provides a capacity of 37 minutes. The positioning of the Drone is based on a GNSS receiver (GPS, Glonass, Beidou), a ToF sensor, an altimetric barometer, and an optical camera.

Hubsan ACE Pro features



The camera of the Drone is mechanically stabilized on three axes. It has a filming capacity of 4K at 30 fps, 2.7K, and 1080p at 60fps. The radio link between the Ace Pro + and the radio control is through an in-house protocol SyncLeas3 that ranges up to 6 km and in less than 200 milliseconds.


Why should you buy it?


  • 48 MP Camera
  • Stable wind resistance up to 16 km/h
  • Filming capacity in 4K
  • 10 KM Image Transmission
  • 0 Tracking


  • No cons yet

 Bottom Line

The Husban Ace Pro Drone has been specially designed, keeping in mind the stability, lightweight, camera features, and many other specifications that come along, making this a better version.

You can also buy from following link :

Buy Hubsan Ace Pro for $799 – Banggood

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