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How to spot fake AirPods box- Real vs. Fake

How to spot fake airpods box

The popularity of AirPods is due to their stylish, practical, and durable design. Apple sold its 110 millionth pair of AirPods only after four years the first model was released.

Consequently, this demand has led to fake AirPods and knock-offs. It’s also becoming substantially more difficult to tell the fakes from the actual ones.

Fake AirPod makers have gotten so good at it that they’ve even grasped the software part of the AirPods. Even legitimate AirPods owners have now been stumped when it comes to distinguishing the genuine ones from the fakes.

The buyer is responsible for verifying originality. Keep in mind that phony AirPods will always be of lower quality. You have to your attention to the most prevalent locations where concessions are made to spot fake AirPods boxes.

However if you had bought the AirPods and want to check whether it’s real or fake, you are on the right platform. We will let you know, how to spot fake AirPods boxes. 

Real vs fake AirPods Box comparison, by looking for the differences

Consumers are worried about the fake vs genuine AirPod earpiece comparison, so that, we’ve ranked the box higher on the list of verifying the originality because the defects will be easier to spot.

The package which arrives with the AirPods is of poor quality for understandable reasons, as the counterfeit producers are unconcerned about little matters.

We’ll start by looking at the lower surface of the encased box, on which we will notice the following things for comparing real vs fake AirPods box: 

  • The real AirPods box has a very small gap in between the cover and the box. But you will see that there is more space and that the gap is widening in the fake AirPods box.
  • The text on the counterfeit box is broader than those on the real one.
  • The fake box’s lightning cord design is trimmed at the base.

Font and Colour Comparison

Switching to the side, the writing on the AirPods is clearly distinct. For starters, the imitation AirPods package does not feature the original San Francisco font.

When you first open the box, you’ll discover the protective cardboard along with the instructions. The qualities of this sentence are distinctive once again. Rather than grey, the counterfeit AirPods have “Designed by Apple in California” imprinted in black.

Aside from that, the false text is shiny, whilst the genuine box’s textbox is just written in grey.

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Wrong Spellings and information

A large indication for the AirPods box real vs fake may be found on another side of the box cover. As you’ll see, the legitimate box has a number of different stickers on it.

Aside from that, the counterfeit AirPods appear to include Chinese writing in the top left corner. Depending on the country where the Apple AirPods were purchased, there may or may not be Chinese lettering anywhere on the packaging.

Apple Logo and Box Contents

However, in continuation to how to spot fake AirPods box, the wording on the fake AirPods box appears to be significantly thicker on the side of the box as compared to the real AirPods box.

Continuing over to the edge with the Apple logo, it appears that the fake AirPods box has printed this region with a shiny surface rather than just printing it in grey.

Difference of Price in Real vs fake AirPods box

The major source of attraction of replica consumers is the price differential between imitation and authentic AirPods. Admittedly, why pay more than a hundred dollars for genuine AirPods when you can get a model that resembles just like them after paying only one-third of the real price of AirPods?

AirPods have a wireless charging case that is present $169, whereas the non-wireless charging option costs $145. The AirPods might cost approximately $100 even amid Black Friday bargains. Fake AirPods, on the other hand, range in price from $10 to $40, depending upon their reliability.

Some high-quality fake AirPods have been frequently sold for a higher cost, comparable to the original’s price category. Some dealers inflate the rates of their fake AirPods to make them appear to be genuine.

That’s why purchasing through Apple Authorized Distributor or Apple Stores is the greatest means of ensuring that you’re getting originals. You may use Apple’s locate the page to find genuine dealers in your area. If you’re purchasing from an online retailer like Amazon, ensure you are purchasing through their official Apple Store.

Snug Fit

Do you know, the suction that you sense while opening an Apple goods package was put there on purpose?

Apple boxes are made up of two constituents: an inner box that holds the products and an outside box with the product image. To open the box, elevate the external box and wait for the inside box to detach itself spontaneously. Most fake items are unable to replicate this feature.

Take another box from an actual Apple product to verify this. Examine the friction and suction of that box and compare it to the box of your AirPods. If the suction will not be the same, you’re undoubtedly using fake AirPods.

According to Adam Lashinsky’s book Within Apple, each Apple packaging designer was solely responsible for the design of how the boxes can be opened. As a result, whenever you open the box, you’ll have a gradual and theatrical sensation.

How to Check Real vs Fake AirPods Charging Case

Verify if the serial number corresponds to Apple’s official records.

In this article on how to spot fake AirPods charging cases, the serial number is by far the best indicator. The device’s identity can be checked by its serial number. It’s a series of numbers and characters that’s unique to each unit manufactured which enables Apple to keep track of specific units during the inventory process. 

Aside from that, serial numbers are used by Apple to detect problematic batches. Among buyers, the serial number serves as verification that the product was manufactured by Apple and not by another company.

The serial numbers for AirPods can be found on the Settings, the charging case cover, and even the packaging. Simply go to the ‘Apple Coverage Check’ page to see if the serial number is valid or not and whether it’s real AirPods charging case or fake AirPods charging case.

Identifying fakes by checking serial numbers used to be a surefire procedure. Apparently, that is no longer the case. Fake AirPods manufacturers have been stealing serial numbers from genuine AirPods and using them in batches of fakes.

So, after verifying the serial number you have to do one or more verification in addition to it to check whether the AirPods box is real vs fake.

Compare the structure of AirPods charging case

We’ll look at both real vs fake AirPods charging cases as part of our article, how to spot fake AirPods.When looking at the charging cases, there isn’t much of a difference. When you open the fake AirPods charging box, you will notice the hinges to be loose. The fonts on the duplicate case are different also. You will also notice the extra space in “Assembled in China” between “in” and “China” which is not in the case of a real AirPods box.

The real AirPods charging case has a little button on the rear that is totally leveled. The pairing button on the fake version protrudes from the charging box. The button can be found without looking at the fake AirPods box whereas in the real AirPods charging case, it can be difficult to locate.

Comparison of Light Indicator

Examining the light indicator on both the front and within the AirPods charging case can be another straightforward approach to see whether your AirPods case is real vs fake. The real AirPods case, meanwhile, has a narrower opening port for the light indicator but on the fake one, it is a little big.

The light-up display on the AirPods cover appears to be in the wrong place in the fake AirPods case but this fault isn’t always present on fake AirPods, but we had to include it in our article so that you can look for it too while checking your AirPods.

Checking of the Lighting Port

Turn the case over to examine the lightning port, which is where you normally charge your case. On counterfeit charging case, the metallic contour that surrounds this port is broader, giving it a different configuration.

Apart from that, even if the light position in the fake vs authentic AirPods analysis is distinct, there may be a color variation.

Identification of Real AirPods vs fake 

We will now give the answer to the common question, How to tell if AirPods 2 are fake? 

The AirPods may appear to be nothing more than a wireless version of an old AirPods, although they are even more. With the AirPods, Apple demonstrated their attention to detail, and counterfeiters are prone to overlooking little details.

The structural distinctions among authentic and fake AirPods, unlike the box, are much more minor. High-quality knockoffs could easily be mistaken for real to the person who is untrained for it, thus the important areas that can utilise to verify are listed below.

AirPods are made in a variety of ways by different vendors. Certain producers could get some aspects of the AirPods perfect, so inspect your AirPods from every angle and look for flaws.

Checking of diffuser

The audio diffuser is the extended circular line next to the rounded IR sensor on your AirPods. The black circle next to the audio diffuser must be centered. Also, fraudulent AirPods feature noticeable grills on the audio diffuser, that aren’t present on real AirPods.

In fake AirPods 2, the grills are not very well polished and generally have flat surfaces mixed in among the grills.

Checking the base of AirPods

The charging interfaces are located on the base of the AirPods. The AirPods’ charging case is magnetically connected to this portion of the AirPods.

This component must be circular in shape and occupy approximately half of the entire space on genuine AirPods. The ellipses on fake AirPods would be bigger and more round. In addition, the grills on counterfeit AirPods are not quite as polished as those on genuine AirPods.

Examine the IR sensor and Speaker Grills

The visibility of the speaker grills is another major distinction between genuine and counterfeit AirPods. If you have genuine speakers, you’ll notice the silhouette of two rounded speakers, which will not be apparent if you have fakes.

The IR sensor is the polar opposite. Authentic AirPods’ IR sensors are virtually black, and you will not be able to see anything through them. Fake AirPods, on the other hand, may feature an empty see-through aperture or even a colored circle on that area.

Checking AirPods by Magnet Trick

There is also another way you may use to see if your AirPods 2 is genuine. This test, however subtle, can readily determine whether or not you have genuine AirPods.

Components of the original AirPods are magnetic. If the two earbuds are genuine, they should resist each other when brought together. When fake AirPods were moved closer together, they won’t repel or attract each other.

Technical details of Real vs Fake AirPods

We’ll wrap up this verification method by pointing you that fake AirPods have technical differences. This practically goes without saying, given that replica producers have no intention of properly recreating the Apple chips contained within the real AirPods — and, more importantly, they are unlikely to have accessibility to what Apple has produced.

  • AirPods have never been made available in any other color except white (for the current time).
  • The genuine AirPods link to your phone more quickly. The process of connecting the AirPods to your device should take no more than 10 seconds.
  • On bogus AirPods, the battery efficiency is considerably reduced.
  • While linking to your device, several counterfeit AirPods play a female voice audio file; legitimate AirPods only play an Apple-specific sound.
  • Rather than the traditional Apple Lightning connector, some counterfeit AirPods have a USB-C port.
  • Unfortunately, the fake model will not operate with locating my AirPods in find my iPhone.

Frequently asked questions

1. How could I find the option on my iPhone that allows me to see the AirPods serial number so that I can verify it with the one on the box?

At first, Go to Settings >> Click on Bluetooth > Navigate ‘Your AirPods’ from the list > then click on the info button next to your AirPods to find the serial number. 

2. Is there any difference in their performance, or are these “counterfeits” quite as good as that of the genuine article?

AirPods counterfeits would not perform as well as authentic AirPods. The audio quality, connectivity, and endurance will be inferior to the genuine AirPods.

3. I have bought the AirPods online and it doesn’t contain any serial number. Is it fake or real AirPods?

Confirm the serial number at Apple’s website all the time. When you’re purchasing something online and the vendor denies you to give the serial number, ensure the seller accepts returns so you may return it if it’s defective.


Even the most tech-savvy person would mistake in verifying the fake pair of AirPods for the real thing, as you’ve seen above. In terms of likeness, the producers did an excellent job with these replicas–they appear and feel identical.

Verifying a pair of AirPods would be as difficult as it has always been. However, with the information presented previously on how to spot fake AirPods boxes, you must be well prepared to face the task. Those who wish to take benefit of you will no longer be able to trick you. All that’s available for you all to do now is go acquire your AirPods.