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How to jailbreak an iPhone 7- Step by Step

How to jailbreak an iPhone 7- Step by Step

Apple has always prioritized security and data privacy, resulting in iOS being more secure than ever. However, this comes at the cost of removing the ability to customize iOS with any third-party applications or tools. Apple places far too many restrictions on iOS devices, and there is no way to regain your independence without jailbreaking. “How to jailbreak an iPhone 7?” is one of the most often asked queries among iPhone owners.

The good news is that it’s a straightforward process, and with the appropriate guidance and simple steps, you can jailbreak your iPhone 7 plus and 7 without any assistance. 

What is Jailbreaking?

Jailbreaking your iPhone allows you to install any theme or program you choose to improve the look and functionality of your device. Jailbreaking your iPhone is installing an application on your device that allows you to run jailbreak apps, customizations, and tweaks. If your favorite app or theme isn’t available on Apple Store, you can learn how to jailbreak an iPhone 7 to get it.

You may use Cydia or any other trustworthy App Store to install Jailbreak apps on your smartphone. However, you should be aware that there are different ways of jailbreaking. We recommend reading the following material before deciding to jailbreak your iPhone.

Types of Jailbreaking

For iOS devices, there are typically four basic types of jailbreak operations.

Tethered: At the time of the single boot, you can try tethered-jailbreaking your iPhone. If you turn your phone off and on again, you’ll have to jailbreak it again using your computer. The approach will also necessitate the usage of a related tool’s boot tethered capability. However, if you do not re-jailbreak your iPhone, it will remain in Recovery Mode.

semi-tethered Jailbreak: During this jailbreak, your iPhone will launch without a patched kernel, which means it won’t be able to run any changed code, and modifying and jailbreaking apps will be nearly impossible. To go with the patched kernel, you’ll need to use any jailbreak program.

Untethered Jailbreak: You will be able to restart your phone with the Untethered jailbreak, but the kernel will remain patched, and you will be able to use the jailbroken version also after restarting your device.

semi-untethered Jailbreak: This method is similar to the previous one, except after a reboot, your iPhone will stay jailbroken. Semi-untethered jailbreaking allows you to jailbreak your device using only an app on your device, and it does not require the use of a second computer.

Method 1: How to jailbreak iPhone 7 using Unc0ver Jailbreak 

Before starting, ensure that you have a backup of your data. It would be best if you had a backup of your data if something goes wrong. For using Unc0ver for jailbreaking or to learn how to jailbreak an iPhone 7, you must have the most recent version of your iPhone.

To jailbreak iPhone 7, follow the steps below:

How to jailbreak an iPhone 7- Step by Step

Step 1: Get AltStore for your Mac and install it.

Step 2: Double-click the AltStore icon on your desktop to launch it.

Step 3: Right-click on the AltServer icon and choose Install Mail Plugin.

Step 4: From the Mail app program folder, enable AltPlugin.

Step 5: Using a USB drive, connect your iPhone to your Mac computer.

Step 6: Next, select your iPhone from the AltStore icon.

Step 7: Sign in with your Apple ID and choose Install from the drop-down menu.

Step 8: To install Unc0ver on your iPhone, go to Settings>>Select General>> Click on device management, tap on your Apple ID, and tap Trust twice.

Step 9: Open a web browser on your iPhone and go to the Unc0ver website to download the     v5.3.1 version of Unc0ver. Then, on your iPhone, install it.

Step 10: On your iPhone, open Unc0ver and tap the blue Jailbreak button.

Step 11: Tap OK; once the process is finished, your device will reboot. If it doesn’t, you’re on your own.

Step 12: In Unc0ver, run the Jailbreak tool once more.

Step 13: Select Jailbreak and then press OK.

Method 2: How to Jailbreak an iPhone 7 Using Electra Jailbreak 

Step 1: Switch to Airplane Mode.

Before using Electra Jailbreak, we recommend turning on Airplane mode. Toggle the Airplane toggle in the Control Center to enable it.

Step 2: Turn off Siri

Before running Electra Jailbreak, we also recommend turning off Siri mode. Launch the Settings app, go to Siri and Search, tap on Listen for “Hey Siri,” then press the Home or Side buttons to choose between Siri and Turn Off Siri.

Step 3: Restart your iOS device.

  • Restart your iOS device after setting Airplane mode and removing Siri.
  • Once your device has rebooted, double-check that the Airplane mode is still on and that Wi-Fi is turned off if it wasn’t before you enabled Airplane mode.

Step 4: Get Electra Jailbreak and Cydia Impactor from the App Store.

  • On your Mac or PC, download the newest version of Electra jailbreak IPA and Cydia Impactor from the official website. Cydia Impactor is compatible with Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux (32-bit and 64-bit).
  • The Electra Jailbreak is available in two variants from Coolstar:
  • It employs a multipath TCP exploit but necessitates using an Apple Developer Account. It is said to have a higher rate of success.
  • It uses the vfs vulnerability but does not necessitate the use of an Apple Developer account.
  • If you have an Apple Developer account, we recommend downloading Electra Jailbreak, which leverages the multipath TCP exploit, by selecting the Download (Dev Account) button.
  • If you don’t have an Apple Developer account, tap the Download option to get the Electra Jailbreak, which employs the vfs exploit.

Step 5: Using Cydia Impactor, install/sideload Electra IPA.

  • Use the Lightning connector to connect your iPhone 7 to your computer and sideload the Electra IPA file.
  • On your computer, open Cydia Impactor. It will recognize your iPhone or iPad.
  • Open the Electra jailbreak IPA file you downloaded previously and drag it to the Electra UI.
  •  When requested, enter your Apple Developer account’s Apple ID and password, then look for Cydia Impactor to sideload the verified program onto your iOS device.

Step 6: Developer Profile 

  • Once the Electra jailbreak IPA has been sideloaded successfully, launch the Settings app and go to Settings,>> Tap on General >> Click on Profile  & Device Management (or just General > Device Management in some iOS versions).
  • Under Developer app, press on the entry with your Apple ID, then tap on Trust “. Select the Trust option. The app’s status will be changed to Deleted.
  • If you’ve utilized an Apple Developer account, this step isn’t necessary.

Step 7: Start the Jailbreak Process 

  • In continuation to how to jailbreak an iPhone 7, open the Electra Jailbreak app first from the Home screen and hit the Jailbreak button to begin the jailbreak process. It will go through three stages, with the second step taking the longest.
  • Your phone should respring after the second stage. Please note that the device will reboot twice after the 7 jailbreak, and Electra will need to be re-run after the first reset.
  • If you re-launch the Electra app after your iOS device has rebooted for the first time, you should notice Enable Jailbreak.

Step 8: Look for the jailbreak to be finished.

You should see the Home screen after some time. When you restart the Electra app, it should tell you that your phone is “already jailbroken.”

Your device has now been jailbroken! And now you know how to jailbreak an iPhone 7 using two different techniques.

Significance of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus Jailbreak

Jailbreaking allows users to personalize the feel and look of their smartphone and enhance its functioning by installing jailbreak apps, tweaks, and themes from Cydia.

Jailbreak tweaks and apps add features not found in iOS, like locking individual apps via Touch ID. Tweaks also introduce iPhone functionality that isn’t present on prior models.

What Are the Risks of Jailbreaking an iPhone 7?

After knowing how to jailbreak iPhone 7, there are a few more potential issues that offer a more significant threat.

  • You don’t have to worry about jailbreak an iPhone 7 when you jailbreak it properly. Unfortunately, this is easier said than done at times. 
  • Cracking tools don’t always do what they’re supposed to do and instead screw up your device’s software. These issues might range from minor annoyances to the gadget being unusable.
  • It would help if you investigated how to jailbreak an iPhone 7, rather than relying on the first link you come across on Reddit. Cracking a device entails more than just flipping a switch, and unless you’re a coder, you’ll probably have to rely on the recommendations of strangers online when seeking specialized software.
  • Someone may easily persuade you to install malicious software on your device, which could damage the hardware.

Risks of Security 

  • Malicious software exposes your personal information. When you download foreign programs to your devices, you’re inviting invasive malware or other viruses into your system.
  • Commonly broken products, like cell phones, smartwatches, and gaming consoles, frequently save sensitive information such as your address or payment information for anybody to find.
  • Strange programs should never be downloaded from the internet. This is especially crucial for employees who use jailbroken smartphones at work.

Losing the Warranty

  • It is worse; the iPhone 7 jailbreak removes any warranty it may have. Companies understand that jailbreaking is an unnecessary risk resulting in a damaged product.
  • Before making any changes to your device, check your warranty contract to see if any of these conditions apply to you. There are several methods for inspecting a gadget to see if it has been cracked.
  • As a result, many people advise consumers to avoid jailbreaking brand-new (or expensive) gadgets, especially those that don’t offer many features.

Losing Features

  • Tweaking the software of some gadgets may potentially deprive users of some features. Those who jailbroke their Nintendo Switches, for example, faced severe consequences.
  • Because the corporation does not promote such actions, individuals who break their consoles have the right (and frequently do) to be barred from utilizing online functions.
  • This restriction prevents you from playing online multiplayer games in the future and makes it challenging to download digital games or material from the Nintendo eShop. 
  • Remember that this digital content contains DLCs, so you’ll be missing out on a lot of the gameplay. While some people find creative ways to download anything without requiring an internet subscription, most of these are undoubtedly unlawful and can lead to much more severe consequences.

Unknowingly Violating the Law

  • It’s critical to emphasize that breaking the law is much easier than you might assume. People frequently are unaware that they are involved in illegal actions. This, however, does not absolve the perpetrators of the error.
  • Before you do anything, make sure you understand what you’re doing. This is especially true when it comes to downloading various software, such as games or other forms of media. Before you wind up with piracy issues, make sure to look into the copyright situation.

Frequently asked questions

  • Is it true that jailbreaking voids my warranty?

Apple may restrict service for an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch that has installed any unlicensed software,” according to an Apple support document on jailbreaking. As a result, everyone jailbroke, warranty or not, may or may not receive Apple help.

  • Is It Possible To Restore My iPhone To Factory Settings After It Has Been Jailbroken?

Yes, restoring your iPhone 7 or iPhone7 Plus to factory settings and setting it up as a “New iPhone” will erase all traces of the jailbreak and prevent Apple from recognizing it. As a result, this is a simple approach to keep your iPhone’s warranty intact.

  • Is It Simple To Jailbreak An iPhone 7?

Jailbreaking an iPhone is a simple process. Install the jailbreak app on your iPhone using tools like Cydia Impactor or Xcode, then run it and tap the Jailbreak button to hack your iPhone.

Wrapping up

To sum up, this post on how to jailbreak iPhone 7 has thrown light on various techniques users can use to jailbreak their iPhone 7. Jailbreaking is as simple as it gets, regardless of the technique you employ, as long as you carefully follow the procedures.