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How To Fix Roku Remote Flashing Green Light

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fix Roku remote flashing green light

What’s the most aggravating thing about having a Roku? The green light lights up when you press one of the buttons on your remote. It doesn’t do anything. It doesn’t turn off. It’s just there, and you know what? It makes your whole Roku experience more frustrating than it needs to be. Luckily, there are ways to fix this issue, so you can finally enjoy your Roku without having to wait for something that might never happen.

But why is the Roku remote blinking and not working? Well, Roku is a pretty good streaming device. Since it’s functioning without any remote control, the remote should be working even without a battery. So don’t panic if you find your remote not working at all. You must do something about this Roku remote green light flashing.

Roku remote flashing green light

There’s no need to panic if your device wasn’t working for a long time and suddenly it started reacting as if nothing had happened before. It usually happens because Roku flashes a green light or blinks a green light and resets itself automatically. 

Still hanging on the same issue again and again. I think that’s one of the most frustrating things on our Roku. Which you should fix soon so you can enjoy its streaming ability as it deserves.

Roku remote green light won’t stop blinking.

If you have a Roku remote green light won’t stop blinking, it could be a problem with the remote itself, but it could also be a problem on Roku’s side. In the latter case, you should look at your router setup to ensure everything is up to date and working perfectly. 

If you’re using a wireless Internet connection, check the wireless modem and make sure it’s working as intended. You can do this by switching the wireless connection off for about 60 seconds and then turning it on again so that all settings will update automatically.

Causes of Roku remote flashing green light

Causes of Roku remote flashing green light

Many different issues can cause the light to blink on the Roku remote. It can be hard to identify the exact cause in some cases. However, it is essential to ensure that there is no damage to your device and that none of the software settings have been changed.

There are multiple reasons why your Roku remote flashing green light will have nothing to do with Roku itself. So, before you go ahead and make any changes, it would be best to check everything related to your Roku device first.

Check if everything you need to do is up-to-date on your Roku streaming box.

Low Power in Batteries: If you’re using a Ruku remote with a low battery, it will likely flash green, indicating low power levels.

You are using old batteries: If you are using out-of-date batteries or the batteries have been used for years without replacement! Then there is a chance that the battery cells in them may start to deteriorate, which will cause issues such as a blinking light on the Roku remote.

Fault in Remote: If you haven’t taken your remote apart yet, then do that immediately. If any screws or bolts are holding the remote together, loosen them and check the inside of the device. If you see anything unusual or out of place, try to clean it immediately.

Faulty battery connections: If you have checked out everything from the list above and still have a flashing green light on the Roku remote, it’s time to check the batteries. A connection between the current battery and remote buttons may often be loose inside, which will cause issues like a flashing green light on the Roku remote.

Low Signal Status in Wi-Fi: If there is a problem with your wireless internet connection and you are using your wireless router. Then, changes in signal status per minute or second may cause issues like the green light on the Roku remote.

The device is not turned on: If you are using a Roku remote and the device is not turned on, then a flashing green light indicates no power going to the device. It most likely means that your power button (on top of the remote) is broken or has been pushed in due to a fall or other reason.

Bad Cable Connection: If everything seems fine with your device and you are sure that your cables are in good condition, there might be a problem with the cable ports. Try turning off your device, unplugging all cables connected to it, and waiting for some time (up to five minutes) before turning it on again.

Bad Wi-Fi connection: If there is a problem with your Wi-Fi router and you are using your wireless router, then changes in signal status per minute or second may cause issues like a blinking light on the Roku remote.

Faulty Power Cord: If you are using a Roku device powered by an AC power cord, and the power cord is not working right, then it can cause the remote to flash green, indicating low power, or it might turn off without being turned off by the user.

Another device connected to your wireless network may be causing problems: Not all networks have an equal chance of having good signal strength.

Reset Your Roku Remote

Resetting your Roku remote is the most tested and reliable way to fix a blinking green light problem. It doesn’t work on some remote models because of the hardware made by Roku itself, which won’t manage to reset the device. 

It’s probably not a big deal since you can always buy a new remote at your local electronics shop. Choose your favorite model and get it for yourself, or even better, with additional features, so you can feel good about making a purchase even when you don’t need it as much as you thought.

In this case, don’t be too hard on yourself if this time resetting doesn’t work on your remote or with its replacement.

Step 1: Take the batteries out of your Roku remote.
Step 2: Unplug the Roku cable from the back of your box.
Step 3: Wait a few seconds.
Step 4: Plug the power cable back into your Roku device.
Step 5: Put the batteries back into your remote.
Step 6: Try to see if everything is working fine now.

If you have followed all these instructions but still can’t get rid of that blinking green light on Roku, then it means that there’s something wrong with the hardware itself, and you need to buy an entirely new remote for your streaming device.

That’s all! You now have a brand new, shiny green remote! Now you can pick up other features from Roku’s menu, such as sound, volume, etc. It’s all working like a charm. That is unless you find your remote becoming unresponsive again in the future after this resetting process.

Steps to fix Roku Remote flashing Green Light

If you’ve done all the steps mentioned above, there’s no need to worry. You’re still not out of options, as a few other fixes will get your green light off and your Roku working as intended.

The best thing you can do is to check some other similar remote models for instructions on how to clean it from gunk and dust. 

Maybe something like this happened with your remote as well; because it seems that all remotes started flashing their lights at the same time for some reason. Even for new remotes, it’s good to give them a regular cleaning once in a while so that nothing will stick between the buttons.

Check Your Wi-Fi Connection: If your Roku remote green light is still flashing green, there might be a problem with your wireless Internet connection. So, you should check those connections and look for any possible issues. Since you will be working with the router directly, it’s recommended to do everything in safe mode so that the connection won’t get affected while you’re working on it.

Check the remote battery: If everything seems fine on your Wi-Fi and there are no other problems, check your remote’s battery immediately. This can solve many issues that might have nothing to do with Roku but will affect the remote itself.

Use the Roku Remote App: If your Roku remote blinks green, you can try to use the same remote app on your smartphone that you usually use for your Roku. This way, you’ll have access to all of your channels and settings as if it was the same remote control. After that, you can change whatever setting may have been changed by mistake.

Buy a new remote: You should buy a new one if everything else fails and the green light won’t stop blinking on the Roku remote. These remotes are cheap and can make a difference in how good it feels to use your device and how well it works when everything is in place.

Check HDMI connection: If you have connected your Roku device to the TV using HDMI, make sure the HDMI cable is connected correctly, and both devices are turned off. Then turn on your TV and Roku device and check if there’s a green light still flashing on the Roku remote. If all else fails, you can try the above steps again or maybe even download a fresh copy of the software that comes with most of the boxes.

Roku Support: Suppose you have tried all the things listed above but still have a problem. You are always welcome to call customer services for additional help as well. Go to Roku Support and see what else can be done about your situation. Try to describe it as detailed as possible so that the technician can better guide you in the process and ensure everything will go smoothly after that.

Check for any interference: If you have used any other device on your Wi-Fi router or home network, disconnect them as soon as possible and put an end to all interference as quickly as possible. It might be a piece of junk that is causing the problem.

Reset your Roku remote: If you still have a blinking green light from your Roku remote after all the troubleshooting steps above, it might be time to change the battery on your remote and reset the device. This is especially important if you have to do any additional troubleshooting steps later on that won’t be covered by Roku support.

Change the software of your Roku remote: If everything else fails and you still have not found any solution, you should consider trying another software update for your device. 


How to fix the Roku remote not working or responding?

Ans. If your Roku remote is not working or responding, then there are different things you need to check. First of all, check if the batteries are in place and if they need to be replaced. If the batteries are OK, make sure that the device is turned on and connected to your TV.

How to fix the Roku remote not connecting with Roku?

Ans. In most cases, a flashing green light on the Roku remote indicates a problem with the connection between the box and your Ruku devices. Make sure your devices are turned on, and there is no interference with the Wi-Fi signal. If you are sure everything is good, try resetting your device.

How to fix the Roku remote flashing green light with the battery?

Ans. Usually, the problem may be with your remote if the batteries are in place and OK. Try resetting your remote. 

How do I fix the Roku remote’s blinking green light on startup?

Ans. If your Ruku device blinks green once it boots up, there might be something wrong with your device’s hardware, or you might have a setup issue between your devices and your router. Check if the adapter has power by connecting it to another TV and checking if it works.

How do I fix the Roku remote not turning on?

Ans. Make sure your device is turned on, and check if it still is blinking green light so there are no other signs of problems. If none of them have been found and the device still won’t turn on, try powering it off and then powering it back on again.


With this guide, you’ve now learned the steps to troubleshoot the green light on Roku remote and other issues such as Roku Remote not turning on or Roku not responding. With the following post on the subject of the Roku blinking light, we hope to help people who are having issues with their Roku device or a similar streaming device.

I hope this guide will help to fix some of your Roku problems. Nevertheless, we hope that all these methods will help you resolve Roku not responding issue & Roku not turning on the issue as well.