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How to Fix Fanimation Slinger v2 Remote Not Working

Fanimation slinger v2 remote not working

This post is about how to fix remote control problems with the Fanimation slinger v2. Fanimation ceiling fans are widely known for their minimalistic design and dual motor system that produces more powerful airflow.

Fanimation fans are a classy way to add air and contemporary style to any room. The fans have been a huge success in the market since they’ve been released and can be found in different sizes and styles. The fans are designed with the user’s comfort and needs in mind, which makes them a wise купити сковорідку investment. The fan blades are even equipped with features such as oscillating, pivoting, or tilting functions.

 Fanimation Slinger v2 Remote Not Working

The remote is unique in Fanimation’s lineup with a 360-degree range of motion and a double arrow keypad. Nevertheless, there are still a few issues with the remote itself that can be fixed without replacing the купить набор кастрюль по акции whole unit. If your remote is experiencing one of these problems, keep on reading to see what you can do about it!

Why Fanimation remote control not working?

If your Fanimation slinger v2 remote doesn’t seem to be working, it could be for a few different reasons. The first is that the batteries might need to be replaced. Another possible problem could have happened due to a recent power outage.

Fanimation Slinger v2 Remote Not Working

If neither of these is the case, then check that your Fanimation slinger v2 is plugged in and turned on by hitting the power button on top of it. There’s also the possibility that there кастрюли купить киев may just be some issues with this specific remote since it may have been damaged or broken from use.

If you experience any of these problems, there are a few ways that you can solve them and continue using your remote without having to purchase a new one.

Fanimation Slinger V2 Common Problems

Sometimes the remote takes a second for it to register, and you may be led to believe that there is no response from it at all. This is often caused by the batteries going flat. However, if this has occurred recently but continues to happen even after changing the batteries, then it’s probably something else.

Common problems

  • You cannot switch you on or off your fan.
  • The remote doesn’t work
  • The fan will only operate in one direction
  • The fan doesn’t have enough power купити мультитул
  • The remote control is not recognized by the fans
  • The fan will not oscillate

How do troubleshoot Fanimation remote control issues?

The Fanimation slinger v2 remote has a few specific things that it can do. First of all, the remote can be used to turn your ceiling fan on and off as well as change its speed. In addition, the remote can adjust the fan’s direction up and down or in a full-range arc. It is also possible to use the remote to dim or brighten the light fixture by changing its brightness settings.

Troubleshooting Fanimation Remote

Check the batteries.

Most likely, your battery problem is because you need to replace the batteries inside it. For most Fanimation remotes, AAA batteries (2-4) are the ideal battery capacity.

You can purchase some rechargeable AAA’s or just replace them with regular batteries. You can usually easily find these at any local store like Home Depot or Lowe’s. If your fan remote still doesn’t work when you put in brand-new batteries, check the main unit to make sure it is turned купить фонарь на аккумуляторе on and working correctly.

If you’re using a Fanimation light bulb with your ceiling fan, Then it may be possible that there are problems with wiring and connections that need to be fixed by a professional electrician.

Your remote is too far away from the fan.

This can be annoying for some people. Your Fanimation slinger v2 remote may not work when you’re too far or even too close to the ceiling fan. Some fans have a certain radius that they can be controlled from and if you’re not within that range, then it won’t work at all.

If you don’t mind this issue, then there’s nothing much you can do about it besides ordering a new remote. Another option is to buy a wireless remote control kit that will allow you to control your ceiling fan even if it is over 30 feet away from the main unit.

Remote not matching with fan

Most likely, your problem is that the codes on the remote are not compatible with your Fanimation ceiling fan. If you purchased a remote from the same company, then you do have the option to send it back to the manufacturer for free if it hasn’t worked for at least 3 months. Otherwise, if you have an older one, then simply send it in as well.

If you’re using a wireless remote control kit with your Fanimation slinger v2 ceiling fan and still having problems controlling it, then there’s another problem at hand. You need to contact their customer service or go through the email support sent to you.

Wiring and Switch Problem

Most problems with the Fanimation remote usually deal with the placement of the unit and the distance of the remote from the ceiling fan. However, your remote may have some internal issues such as misaligned switches along with some problems dealing with wiring either soldered or not properly installed. This is probably due to an accident or even poor workmanship.

If you go through customer service, they will provide you with options on how to fix it. Your options are to have it fixed and repaired by their service department or do it yourself, which involves getting the warranty voided and voiding the remote if you do so. Some people can handle these types of repairs and save money compared to purchasing an entirely new unit.

Check Fan Light Bulbs

This is an excellent thing to try before spending money on new parts. Just check if there are any problems with your Fanimation light bulbs first. If you have any burnt-out or broken bulbs, then replace them for safety and also to prevent damage to the fan itself.

If you remove one of the bulbs from the ceiling fan, then you should be able to see if it works or not. You may also be able to fix it yourself if you’re desperate and can find the correct guide online. If your light fixture is affected by this issue, there’s little that I can do here except replace the bulb.

Best ways to fix animation slinger v2 remote not working

You’re not alone if you’re experiencing some problems with your Fanimation slinger v2 remote control. Many users have had this issue, and there’s no fix for it other than the troubleshooting above.

You can always contact the service center for assistance or buy a new one. There are also other options that you can try out on your own, such as trying to replace the remote, batteries, or light fixture first. Sometimes just doing this can solve the problem.

If you’re still having issues with your Fanimation remote control not working and it’s still under warranty, then call their customer service hotline to get in touch with them before customer service hours finish (usually around 6 PM EST).

Try these Ways

  1. Reset Fan Remote: To reset your fan remote, follow the steps below for animation slinger remote setup:
  2. Unplug your Fanimation fan and remove any other optional control devices.
  3. Remove the batteries from the remote control and wait 10 seconds. Put back in new batteries to see if there were changes.
  4. Put the battery back in and press button 1 or 2 repeatedly until all 4 lights flash once (usually around 10 times). Both ceiling fan speed buttons should flash 3 times and then turn off. Now press button 1 or 2 for about 6 seconds again to completely shut down your ceiling fan without doing any changing to other settings in between.
  5. Try it using Fan
  6. Contact for support

The best thing to do is to contact their customer service hotline if you’re having some problems with your Fanimation remote. If your remote isn’t working and hasn’t been used for several months, then you can try contacting them by email.

If there’s a problem with your fixture itself and needs fixing or replacement, then they will send out someone to determine the nature of the problem or fix it at their facility while you wait.

This process generally takes about a week depending on the time of year and where you live. The good thing about this is that they will provide a temporary light fixture if you need one, which can be taken back after your unit is fixed.

Replace Remote

If you’ve tried all of the troubleshooting above and it still doesn’t work, then you should probably look into replacing your Fanimation slinger v2 remote control. This will save you money and time especially if you aren’t able to find a way to make your remote work again or fix the wiring or light fixture problems.

You can try looking for replacement controllers online at sites like eBay, Craigslist, or Amazon. You can also get a new wireless remote control kit from various sites as well.

Replace Light Bulb

If you went through all of the troubleshooting above and still have issues with your Fanimation slinger remote not working, then we may just have to check the light fixtures first. For example.

if you’ve checked and found that a light bulb has burned out or is about to go bad, Then replace it for safety and also to prevent damage to the fan itself. The remote usually uses RF (Radio Frequency) technology, so it will be affected by any changes in your light fixtures as well.

If you remove one of the bulbs from the ceiling fan, then you should be able to see if it works or not.

Get Help from the Service Center

If all else fails, you can always try contacting the service center for assistance. This is especially good if your remote was purchased out of warranty or if you’re experiencing problems with one without a remote control.

The customer service representatives will be able to determine the nature of your problem and can also work on it for you at their facility while you wait. This process generally takes about a week depending on the time of year and where you live.

The good thing about this is that they will provide a temporary light fixture if you need one, which can be taken back after your unit is fixed.

What are the reasons for the animation fan turning off by itself?

Fanimation fans are designed to perform at their best even after long hours of use. They are built to perfection by using the best materials available, which is why they can withstand tough conditions and not fail easily.

The fans have been extremely popular since they’ve been released, and there have been some reported cases where the fan blades were wobbling or flickering. These issues were soon fixed by the manufacturer as soon as possible.

Usually, the fan works perfectly, but there is always an exception to every rule.

Problems Occur in fan:

  • Damaged driver
  • High pitched noise is heard
  • Wires are loose or not connected properly
  • The motor has broken down due to high-stress levels
  • Computer board malfunctioning

When problems occur in the fan, there are 2 options for the user:

1st Option: Contact the service center for help. Depending on the conditions, the technician will repair the problem at their office and may ask you to take a temporary light fixture until yours is finished.

The service center staff that arrives at your house will make sure that the problem doesn’t happen again by checking all connections and parts of the fan. After your Fanimation fans have been fixed, you’ll be able to use them without any worries.

2nd Option: Buy a new replacement fan. You can proceed to buy a new replacement of the same brand, or you can choose other manufacturers that are compatible with your Fanimation fan. You’ll know if they are compatible by examining the model and the serial number of your fan.

However, because Fanimation fans are expensive, you may buy an alternative ceiling fan that has similar features and functionality as Fanimation fans. Although these alternatives will not be as expensive, they will still cost a pretty penny.

If you find yourself in this situation, then there is no other option for you than to purchase an “Incompatible” ceiling fan which means that it won’t be able to work with the remote control (for now).


Why is my ceiling fan not responding to the remote?

Ans. The most common reason for the remote not working is when the batteries in your remote have failed.
If you have a Fanimation fan, then it would be best to purchase a new remote control that has similar features to the other one (or even better).

How do I resync my ceiling fan?

Ans. The best way to resync your ceiling fan is to re-check all the connections and wires in the fan.
If you find that the problem is with the light fixture itself or a burnt-out bulb, then you will have to replace it before continuing with the resynchronizing operation.

Why isn’t my ceiling fan working with a remote?

Ans. The remote control of your Fanimation fans will be able to work only if they are programmed correctly by following the instructions on how to sync your ceiling fan with your remote control (the instructions will be available at the back of your manual).

Why is my remote not working even with the new batteries?

Ans. There are different reasons for this, such as the remote control receiving from the remote receiver in the fan has been blocked. You might have tampered with the electrical wires or even switched off your light fixture.
If none of these reasons are applicable, then you may want to purchase a new replacement ceiling fan that has similar features and functionality as your previous Fanimation fans.

Do I need to reprogramme my key fob after a battery change?

Ans. You don’t need to reprogram the fob after battery replacement as long as you use it at a considerable distance from the receiver.

How do I sync my fan via remote?

Ans. The initial step in setting up your Fanimation remote is to make sure that your ceiling fan, light fixture, and wall control are all out of storage, ready and visible.
Your ceiling fan should be facing upwards while the remote control is placed away from any direct sunlight so that it can pick up signals properly.


Overall, the Fanimation slinger v2 remote is a good-looking and easy-to-install wall control that’s designed to make the ceiling fans run smoothly. It’s extremely easy to use and very stable since there are no moving parts.

The remote is of high-quality construction, and it’s great for use by everyone, from kids to the elderly. All you have to do is press one of the buttons on the remote control, point it towards the light fixture, wait for a few seconds, and then your fan will start working properly again.

Even if your fan is working well at the moment, it doesn’t hurt to try out this remote control because you never know when a problem might occur in your fan blades or light bulbs.