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How to Charge laptop Battery Manually

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How to Charge laptop Battery Manually

There is nothing more frustrating than forgetting to charge your laptop before you leave the house on a long day of work, only to say “the battery died” when you get back with an empty battery that isn’t even close to being charged. If you want your battery life to last longer, we have what you need in this blog post! In it, we’ll teach you how to charge your laptop battery manually. so that no matter how much time passes between charges or what happens while out and about, your laptop will always be ready for action.

If you haven’t replaced your battery for a long time and are looking for an interesting DIY project, consider charging your Laptop’s battery manually. It’s an easy process for those with enough technical know-how and is also helpful if you need to turn off your Laptop temporarily because it’s about to die.

The most common way of charging the battery is by plugging it into the wall outlet, but other ways might surprise you! Good luck!

If you want to keep your laptop battery in good condition for a long time, then it’s recommended that you charge it manually rather than letting the power supply charge the battery. This can be done by plugging in your laptop to an outlet, then connecting one end of a Y-cable to that outlet and connecting the other end of the cable to a computer or device with USB ports.

The computer or device with USB ports should have no power input. If this isn’t possible, you can use an adapter that lets your device work without power input.

How to charge a Laptop battery manually.

This helpful guide will teach you how to charge the lithium-ion batteries inside your PC or Laptop without any extra equipment or power strips. The battery powers the laptop by running the power supplies. These are parts of the computer that run on a 12V, 3.3A supply of DC. This power is converted to 1-5 V when it reaches your laptop’s circuitry, powering it and its essential parts.

The lithium-ion battery inside your laptop is most commonly a three-cell unit. Still, these are rarely found in Laptops today (though they provide an emergency backup power supply should the primary power source be interrupted for some reason).

How to Charge your Laptop Battery Externally

How to Charge your Laptop Battery Externally is just as simple. Well, it’s really simple. The trick is to connect the wires from your battery and the DC jack on your laptop together, and then it should charge itself up without any problems! These are some of the alternative ways to charge a laptop battery.

You can also use a portable power supply unit to charge your laptop battery when you’re on the go. You have to ensure that it provides enough voltage and amps, which can be found on the back of the power supply unit.

Charge your Laptop through USB Port: You can charge your Laptop from any USB device, such as a USB charger or a USB port on your computer. Just connect the battery to the Laptop through the USB port and ensure it’s connected securely so there are no gaps between the parts. If you have a charger for your laptop, then the battery will most likely need to be taken out of your laptop and connected to the charger for it to work.

Using an External Charger: Connect your laptop to the external charger, and let it charge fully until there is no more power left in the supplied charger. You can do this by placing the laptop on the charger and allowing it to align with the charging port, or if you have a separate box that plugs into your laptop, then place it into the container and leave it to charge.

Using an External Battery: An external battery is like an external charger. Still, instead of a plug connecting to your laptop (or computer), you end up with a plug that either power your radio or mobile phone (depending on what your external battery is for) and provides power at one socket. If you want to use this method, connect the external battery to your laptop, so it charges.

Charge Your Laptop Battery through an Adapter: You can charge your laptop by using an adapter that plugs into a DC jack on your motherboard and then connects the battery through a wire to the adapter. The whole process is the same as charging your laptop from a computer or another electrical source. The only difference is that you need an adapter in order for it to work correctly!

Charge Your Laptop Battery by Using Solar Charger: Solar chargers are great for charging up your laptop and keeping it powered up for a long time. This is because the sun’s power is free, and it doesn’t cost anything to charge your laptop with solar energy. You can even use this method to power medical equipment that needs a constant power supply, as well as electronics with a built-in solar panel.

In order to make this work, though, you need to position your laptop close enough to the sun so that it can get some direct sunlight. Remember also to use a directional light so that you don’t burn out any parts on your laptop!

Charge it Using Power Bank: This method of charging your laptop is straightforward, but it does involve making an adapter for the DC jack on your motherboard. The process is straightforward and consists in connecting a cable from the internal battery (through the PSU) to the external charger and then plugging it into your computer’s power socket.

Use Portable Laptop Charger: You can charge your laptop by using a portable Laptop charger. This external battery will take the place of your internal battery when it runs out of power. While this is a great way to keep your laptop working, you will need to replace the portable Laptop charger once it runs out of control, and if you don’t have one on hand, then you’ll have to wait for it to recharge before you can use your laptop again.

Charge Your Laptop by Using Super Laptop Battery: You can use this method if you don’t have any other options available. This is because the process requires you to take your laptop apart and look for a super Laptop battery inside. The super Laptop battery is just like a normal one, but it’s more powerful and can provide much more power to your batteries.

To make this work, however, you first need to locate the super Laptop battery (if there is one) and then connect it through the PSU wires using an adapter.

Use Travelling Adaptor: If you plan to take your laptop anywhere, this method is best for you. You must take it apart and locate a traveling adapter inside. Once the adapter is correctly connected, this method will work with no problems and is more straightforward than other methods.

How to charge Laptop using USB-C Cable

USB-C stands for Universal Serial Bus. USB-C has replaced all the other USB ports and is becoming a standard port. It is faster than the older ports and has a new USB Type-V technology that can charge anything with more extensive displays.

All this means that you don’t have to carry a lot of cables when traveling, so you can pack less in your luggage and save weight too. Many Laptops now come with this port, so you don’t have to look out for it while shopping. Now you need to know the protocol to charge your Laptop through USB-C.

How to Charge laptop Battery Manually

You will have to get a charging cable, but buy an original charger for safety reasons. You can contact the manufacturer for this or search it on the internet and buy it from there.

USB-C cables are new and provide better power transmission than older models. They also support faster data transfers, so they can be used to transfer files on a larger screen, such as a TV if you have one at home. The USB-C protocol is also backward compatible with the older ones, and your laptop will charge if plugged into a USB 2 or 3 port too.

How to Charge Laptop with HDMI?

To charge Laptop with HDMI, you need to purchase an adaptor to connect your charger to the HDMI port. Your laptop will only charge if connected to a screen with an HDMI port. This doesn’t mean you can play games on your laptop while it sets because very few Laptops on the market support this feature.

Instead, you can use the HDMI port to play movies from your laptop, and this will work great as it will stream video from your Laptop to a TV. If you don’t have an HDMI port on the screen, you can connect your charger directly to a TV but only when there is no complex indication in the laptop that it does not support this feature.

How to Charge Battery Outside of Laptop?

You don’t have to charge your laptop while you’re at home or near your house and can take it out on the road with you. You can charge it through USB-C and travel by road, in a plane with flights, or even use it if you are in a hotel. To do this, you need to know how to charge your laptop outside of your Laptop.

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If you are traveling with more than one device that needs power that requires a power solution, then make sure that they are all charged up first before charging your Laptop. You will have to check if your adapters have sufficient wattage power to charge the devices’ battery through an external source (AC adapter or charger).

To charge a laptop battery externally, you need to connect your Laptop to another AC adapter or power source after you have taken it out of its original box. You can then charge your laptop from a portable battery as long as the battery is not dead. This can be done by connecting the battery’s DC jack to the charger or AC adapter and plugging it into a socket in order to start charging.

You may need an extra power extension cable because of your limited reach between sockets. However, this won’t be required if you have a lot of space and are near a power outlet.


Can a laptop be charged via USB?

Ans. Yes, a laptop can be charged using a USB. It would be best if you bought a power adapter that is compatible with the laptop and connected it.

Do I need a laptop charger?

Ans. Yes, you need a charging adaptor for your laptop to charge it if you are traveling outside of its country of purchase or home country.

What is a laptop battery?

Ans. It is the battery used in a laptop to store the electrical energy that charges the laptop. A laptop battery can be either rechargeable or non-rechargeable, depending on its function in your laptop and how much power it needs to function.

What is the best charging method for my laptop?

Ans. The best charging method for your laptop depends on the type of battery power used in your laptop. The technique is like this:
USB: The only way to charge your laptop is with a USB cord. You can buy chargers that function as the power source, and, of course, a charger for your laptop battery.
AC adapter. If you want to charge your laptop with an AC adapter, make sure you have the suitable cable and adapter with you when you purchase it.

Can I charge my laptop with an HDMI cable?

Ans. Yes, you can charge your laptop using an HDMI cable. You need to purchase a cable that can be used to connect your laptop’s HDMI port with an external power source.

Can I charge my laptop through Micro USB?

Ans. Yes, you can use Micro USB cables to charge your laptop battery from a power source or charger if it is available on the market. However, do not use it if there is no power outlet nearby.



To conclude, the best way to charge your laptop depends on how you want to charge it. If you want your laptop to be charged fast and if you don’t have time, use the charging methods mentioned above. However, if you are in the mood for slow charging, use the techniques with power sources.

If you want to charge your laptop battery externally, purchase an AC adapter or another source of power that connects to your DC jack on the motherboard. You can also use this method if you want a backup system in emergencies such as a power outage at home.