How to change name on Airpods in 2022 – Step by Step Guide

How to change name on Airpods

With such a lot of Bluetooth-enabled devices to connect without your automobile’s sound on your racket losing headphones to your receiving vicinity speaker – it might be hard to display what’s the deal with the entirety. That is the explanation about How to change name on AirPods. It’ll, in general, be precious to rename gadgets like your AirPods so that you in no way get them labored up once more.

Apple’s gadget

Apple’s far-flung earbuds, the AirPods, are quite probably the maximum well-known Bluetooth preference reachable available today. Effortlessly mixed with any Apple gadget (and incredibly some others), brilliant sound exceptional, and ease of use make these tiny buds the perfect adornment for tuning in and conveying while in a rush.

Things to Know about AirPods

Before converting the call of your AirPods, how about we first survey some statistics you might know previous to pushing beforehand.

The earbuds show the name in the accompanying arrangement: (Your Name’s) AirPods. This is excellent for maximum customers, but to make the earbuds stick out or you have got various sets, the name alternate is an outright need.

how to change name of Airpods

What do you have to do while changing your name?

You have to, first of all, fit your AirPods to an Apple gadget. The more significant part of the controls is simply available on Apple gadgets. Assuming you’ve as of now executed this, preserve to peruse. Be that as it can, if directly not, adhere to those pointers

Rename AirPods:

Luckily, converting the name of Apple AirPods or AirPods Pros is completely simple. The errand calls for more than one moment, watching for the AirPods at the moment are in a state of harmony with the proprietor’s iPhone, and the two gadgets are as of now in the scope of one another and charged. Wear the AirPods, open the iPhone, and start thinking about some other call-in your machine while following the approach laid out underneath.


Things to keep in mind before renaming:

Before starting, make sure each AirPods and the iPhone are utilized have a rate. Finishing the name exchange manner requires each earphone and phone to grow to become on and related to one another, so both gadgets being dead is a deal-breaker.


Steps involved in changing the name of AirPods:-

  1. Open your AirPods case and preserve the button again.
  2. When the AirPods display up on your display, tap ‘Interface.’
  3. Your AirPods will certainly companion along with your Apple device.

You may do that with a Mac additionally. Go to ‘Inclinations,’ then, at that factor, ‘Bluetooth,’ ultimately, maintain the button on the rear of your AirPods to mix. Once combined, you could cope with the controls and replace the name.

There are strategies for renaming the AirPods – thru your iPhone/iPad or by using a Mac. The accompanying segments provide a bit-by-bit guide for each method.

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Change AirPods name

Rename AirPods Using iPhone or iPad

Expecting your AirPods are matched to an iOS device, cling to those bearings:

1) Access Settings for your iPad or iPhone and choose Bluetooth. Turn the Bluetooth on and pair AirPods with your gadget.

2) Find your AirPods below My Devices and hit the “I” photo on the super right

3) Tap Name inside the going with menu and rename the AirPods to anything you want.

Expecting you don’t see the decisions confirmed within the above display trap, this is because your AirPods aren’t gift associated. Open the case and undertake once more. If you notice ‘Related’ near your AirPods, they’re correct to go.

Rename AirPods Using a Mac

AirPods are flawlessly joined with Apple PCs too! For calls, FaceTime calls, or liking debts, you may participate in the tiny, far-off buds with your PC. If you genuinely need to revive the name of your AirPods, stick to those policies to do as such on a Mac:

1) Click at the Apple photograph inside the higher right-hand nook of your Mac’s domestic display screen. Then, click on ‘Structure Preferences.’

2) Click the Bluetooth selections. Turn the Bluetooth of your gadget on and pair AirPods with your MacBook.

3) Explore your AirPods underneath Devices and proper-snap to reveal the spring-up window.

4) Pick Rename and experience unfastened to revolutionary with the new name. Assert via tapping on Rename again.


If the decision to rename your AirPods doesn’t seem, that is due to the fact they aren’t associated. Open the case and snap at the AirPods.


Supportive AirPods Tips and Tricks

Other than converting the name, some distinct hacks alternate your tendencies’ AirPods’ settings.

Twofold Tap Options

The AirPods’ Bluetooth menu lets you change twofold tap choices for every case. The settings include:

  • Move to the accompanying or past song
  • Stop, relax, or play sound, be it track, superior transmissions, or book bills.
  • Twofold tap to trigger Siri and manipulate sound or utilize other Siri limits.

Track down Your AirPods

From the start, AirPods would look like a simple gadget to lose. In any case, when you begin using them, you comprehend the chances of them exiting are maximum probably not anything, whether or not you move running.

In any case, you can use “Find My iPhone” to find the earbuds anticipating you type out some manner to unstick them, or the gadgets become in a few inadmissible arms. This works from iCloud.Com or the “Find My iPhone” utility.

Better Battery Life

AirPods provide you with around 5 hours of battery period on a lone charge, and it doesn’t take long for them to recharge. In any case, to pound out some more press, you may use the handiest one bud simultaneously as the other recharge and transfer when required.

To all-exact without problems, you must maintain the modified mouthpiece and distinguishing evidence selections. What’s more extraordinary is unwind; you’ll need to recognize solid framework sound with one AirPods.

Conclusion:-Saving cool names for your AirPods is pleasant to do and simultaneously makes your AirPods name unmistakable, among others. If you are irritated with the default name and anxious to know how to change the AirPods name, this aide would have shown you a great deal. This article discussed shifting AirPods name utilizing various gadgets like iPhone, Android, and MacBook.



  1. Would I be capable of renaming my AirPods on an Android machine?

Ans Sadly, no. While severe Android customers like to utilize Apple’s AirPods, it is unimaginable to expect to trade any of the controls or redo the buds without one of the above-recorded Apple objects.


  1. How frequently would you be able to rename your AirPods?

Ans Apple will appoint a default name to your AirPods whenever you first pair them with your iPhone. However, you can transform it whenever to give them an alternate name.


  1. Why won’t my AirPods let me change my name?

Ans Have a go at resetting AirPods. Put the AirPods in the charging case and keep the top open. Then, at that point, press and hold the arrangement button on the rear of the charging case for around 3 seconds until the status light beginnings blazing golden and afterward streaks white. Following up, associate the earbuds to your iPhone and attempt to rename it, not surprisingly.