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How to Buy Wireless Gaming Mouse 2021 – Best Guide for Perfect One

laser vs optical mouse

How to Buy Wireless Gaming Mouse

Buying a gaming mouse is not a big deal if you are clear with the fundamentals of buying a guide about how to buy gaming mouse.

One should not be price-conscious while aiming to buy the best gaming mouse in terms of wired gaming mouse or wireless gaming mouse.

Thousands of companies and manufacturers claim that they are offering the best gaming mouse on the planet, however, we can trust some of them due to their reputation.

Perhaps, it’s also our responsibility to go through the checkpoints that should be accurate to obtain the best mouse for gaming, and in the current article, we will explore all of them.

Now with the beginning, I would suggest you check some very important aspects while making the selection of the mouse for gaming, which I am going to mention in upcoming words.

gaming mouse

Sensors and Accuracy

The sensor of a gaming mouse is one of the most important and needed features of any mouse used for gaming, and it becomes more sensitive while you are playing shooting or aiming games.

The sensor used to make the gaming mouse is responsible for the accuracy of the gaming mouse.

Let me tell you the types of sensors, and they are the two!

  • Laser Sensor
  • Optical Sensor

Before some years, only optical sensors were being used to make any kind of mouse, hence the optical sensors were modified and the Laser Sensor got introduced.

So, in other words, the modified and updated version of the optical sensor is the laser sensor.

Now you might be thinking which one among the both you should choose, right?

Well, if we believe the experts, both are good to use, it doesn’t matter which sensor gaming mouse you are using if you pro a category gamer.

However, if you want my opinion, then I would suggest you with the optical sensor gaming mouse for the reason of having precise accuracy.

I have gone through both sensor gaming mice and I found the optical gaming mouse better for playing the game with consistency.

Dot Per Inch (Inch)

DPI seems the complicated word and lets me make it easy to understand that DPI means the speed of a cursor while moving from one point to another point.

Speed of the movement of the cursor of gaming mouse depends on the Dot Per Inch i.e. DPI of that gaming mouse.

At this point, you may do the mistake of buying directly the high dpi gaming mouse, which is not a correct approach, and it does not mean that high dpi gaming mice are not good.

In the starting phase of gaming, if you use the high dpi gaming mouse, you will be near to miss the accuracy which you need, and on the other hand, you are also not supposed to use the very low dpi gaming mouse, as it will cause the delay in the aiming and shooting or moving.

best mouse dpi

I am suggesting the best dpi range is between 400 to 500 in which you can easily manage the movement of the cursor with accuracy.

One good thing for you is that the gaming mouse does not offer static dpi, you can change the dpi according to your requirements.

You need to make sure one thing buying a gaming mouse that you are not going to purchase the gaming mouse below than 400 dpi.

I should inform you that it is not mandatory to play only with the low dpi i.e. between 400 to 500, if you are comfortable with 600 DPI, you can smartly go ahead with it.

Go through the Polling Rates

The polling rates are the major responsible factor for the responsiveness of the mouse for gaming.

The polling rates indicate for how long your gaming mouse stays connected with the computer.

If the polling rate of your gaming mouse is 600, it indicates that your gaming mouse stays connected with your pc 600 times in one second.

High Polling Rates causes more responsiveness.

According to the experts, the polling rate of 1000 is good enough and ideal, however, you can go with higher polling rates which will not create any harm to your gaming.

Wireless Gaming Mouse or Wired Gaming Mouse?

This is not a major aspect on which you need to focus more while making up your mind before purchasing the best gaming mouse as the connectivity will not make your gaming better or worse.

Hence there are certain points that are good to go through.

If you can afford the price of a wireless gaming mouse, you can firmly choose that one otherwise the wired gaming mouse will not create any con or chaos while playing any game.

The connectivity of gaming mice with pc matters a lot which must be consistent, so I advice you to keep the distance between them less than 5 feet.

In the event of increasing this distance, the accuracy will get slower and you may come to face the disturbance.

These were the major factors that must not be ignored, avoided, or skipped before ordering the gaming mouse to purchase the value for a money gaming mouse.

Still, we are not done, some other factors are yet to disclose which have as enough importance as mentioned above.

Comfort – Design, Weight, and Button Positioning

Comfort is one of the most needed aspects to use anything without comfort. The internal quality features will not work properly for you.

Hence you should not ignore these major aspects before confirming a gaming mouse.

Let’s suppose you have bought a gaming mouse having all the above-mentioned features, but would you be able to take the benefit of them if you are not feeling the comfort of a gaming mouse while holding or moving it?

Therefore the comfort must be checked priorly before booking a gaming mouse.


The design stands for the adjustability with your palm size, hand size, the shape of the gaming mouse, the size of the gaming mouse, whether it is left-handed or right-handed.

you should choose the gaming mouse according to your external comfort having the enough required technical features.

You should select the ergonomics-designed gaming mouse, which offers you the most comfort covering all aspects.


Are you skipping the weight factor while picking the best mouse for gaming?

Let me ping you that you must not avoid the weight comfortability, as it will create chaos in the movement of the mouse while playing sensitive games.

Still, if you are confused and not able to come to a conclusion about the ideal weight of the gaming mouse, then let me solve your confusion that the ideal weight of the gaming mouse is about 90 grams.


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