HIMO ZB20 Electric bike for sale at $1499 only

Himo zb20

The HIMO ZB20 350W Electric bike is a newly launched electric grooving in all the streets. So, let us know about some of the basic overviews, and we will discuss them later-

The Electric Bike is made of Aluminum Alloy with a battery capacity of 48V and 10 AH. The maximum speed of the bike is 25 km/hr. And the maximum range is up to 80 KM. the folded size of the bike is 100cm X 62cm X 76cm, and the product weight is 28 KG.

The tire is 20 X 4 inches, and the motor is of 350 W. the recharge time of the bike is about 6 hours. There is an LED display on the front of the bike for clear visibility. The maximum load of the bike is 100 kg. The unfolded size of the bike is 172cm X 26cm X 106cm.

The weight of the package is 29.5 kg—the brakes used in the bike are mechanical disc brakes.

The 10Ah 48V Li-Lon battery included in the product has 80km mileage max. The 20 X 4-inch rubber inflatable wheels make it great on different grounds. The aluminum alloy shell can hold up to a 100 kg payload.

This is an excellent bike for adults and teenagers and is great for fun.

Himo zb20 electric bike


The bike has got three-stage folding hydraulic shock-absorbing front fork Shimano transmission system. The removable lithium battery helps in the longevity of the battery.

Body of HIMO ZB20 electric bike

The bike has a tough and sharp body line that provides powerful exploration and is ready to face any tough terrain or conditions. This makes the riding experience through rough terrains, jungles, or beaches more exciting and adventurous.


The styling is highly minimalist and has sophisticated crafts that can be used for great urban trips and powerful functions and full of confidence.


The bike tires are 20 X 4.0 and an all-terrain fat tire. The tire is designed in a pattern with a firm grip, durable wear and performs well in rough terrains. The anti-skid function of the tire adds up to the safety, and the anti-vibration technology helps face the challenges of the beach with ease.

Himo zb20 features


To deal with bumpy and rugged roads, the whole bike is made of hydraulic, mechanical locking suspension that very effectively absorbs the impact of the ground and brings back a sensitive response to the rider. No matter if the ground is flat or bumpy, the bike can run effectively with the great feel and comfort of all the time.

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Power Switch

The vehicle comes with a built-in removable lithium battery that provides the ease of two power modes of both electricity and manpower. It is incredibly compatible with three riding methods of pure electric and assisted manpower.

A high-definition LCD instrument can easily switch the riding gear and monitor with the riding data in real-time. This provides full cooperation with every acceleration starts. It is waterproof to deliver uninterrupted services.

Himo zb20 price

The bike has many pros, but it comes with some disadvantages too like- the electric bike is heavier compared to other conventional bikes. The specialized parts are a bit complex.



  • Minimal Storage space
  • Hydraulic Shock absorption
  • Mechanical brakes
  • Power Switch
  • Great suspension


  • Comparatively heavier
  • Specialized parts are a bit a complex


Bottom Line

The HIMO ZB20 350W is a great catch and the best electric bike for adults and teenagers who want adventure. The bike comes with superb safety features too. So, enjoy riding your bike.