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Himo Z20 electric bike: A Detailed Review

Himo Z20 electric bike main

In the current electric vehicle category, Xiaomi has brought another product: the Himo Z20 electric bike under its sub-brand Himo. Similar to the already released products. The new edition is also placed under the well-known crowdfunding platform– Youpin. Today, we will discuss a dedicated review on Xiaomi Himo Z20 Electric Bike to explore its characteristics in detail. The Chinese brand Xiaomi has a dramatic impact on the smart technology industry. It continues to surprise global users with innovative and modern equipment in different product departments. This is the moment for the latest Himo Z20 bike to come up with new and improved features over the previous model, HIMO C20. Both these vehicles look similar in various matters, but the newest one has more advanced technical features to meet the modern-day necessities. Himo has multiple model bikes likeC20, C26, C16.


When it comes to discussing the Xiaomi Himo Z20 bike, this is manufactured by Shanghai Ximo Electric technology under the sub-brand of Himo. Furthermore, the bike is ready for sales, and you can go to Xiaomi’s crowdfunding platform to buy it. So, let’s dwell over the Himo Z20 electric vehicle without encountering any further ado. You will know about Design, specifications, features, and platforms where you can buy the bike.

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Transportable versatile & sleek Design:

Physical Design is attractive and alluring. The manufacturer has made aluminum alloy material to assemble the different parts of the Xiaomi Himo Z20 bike. Furthermore, it is compact and has a lightweight, which makes it suitable for young users. Adults may feel a little less comfortable with it.


Moreover, the electric bike comes with a foldable physique to help riders save the space. Additionally, In the unfolded state, the vehicle measures 1095 x 1470 mm, whereas its measurement is only about 860 x 740 mm in size of the folded form. Due to this, the compatibility allows you to fold the bike in half so it can fit easily in a wardrobe. HIMO Z20 has a thoughtful condensed design that allows for easy folding, storage, and transportability. Z20 is innovative with a built-in battery box that is closely connected to the body for space-efficiency.

Lightweight Aluminium body:

Moreover, it is a lightweight aluminum frame that perfectly matches its inner wirings to create an elegant visage. Don’t want to leave the battery on the bike? No worries. The Z20 comes with a dedicated key for the battery, so you charge it wherever you want!. As per the external Design, the bike features an LED flashlight for driving in the dark and the night along with safety measures. Light under the seat for the backside. There are brake levers, an HD display, gear shifters, a bell, and a smartphone holder on the handlebar.

The bottom side has 20-inch wheels with a dual-disc braking system, besides utilizing the battery capacity. Workforce can surely be used by using pedals to ride the bikes. The 21.6kg-weighing bike, it has the strength to withstand up to 100kg of weight. Furthermore, it is an IPX7-certified vehicle, and you can enjoy driving in the rain, despite being an electric bike. White and Grey colors are there to choose from.


Three riding modes of Himo Z20 :


Well, Xiaomi has assigned a 250 watt powered motor to Himo Z20 electric scooter. It has impressive looks delivering up to 25 km per hour of top speed. Moreover, the bike incorporates 6-speed overdrive that is developed by one of the best brands, Shimano. You will have – pure electric, pedal, and mixed.

Powerful Battery Backup of Himo Z20 :

Talking about the battery performance, this is the most notable feature of this bike. Being an electric vehicle, the XiaomiHimo Z20 concentrates a lot on the power section of the product. Accordingly, for catching as much attention as possible. It installs the removable 10Ah battery to help you with a significant volume in range.

On a single charging, you can enjoy the bike ride up to a distance of 80 km in mixed(Pedal and motor proportionate)mode. On the contrary, in the purely electric manner, the Himo Z20 bike promises to serve you up to a distance of 50 km distance range that is pleasing also. It takes time of about 5 hours to charge.



High Definition Display:

The display can be useful for customers who are meticulous regarding bike performance and stats. Moreover, near the steering wheel’s left grip, there is an HD display that looks glossy in a miniature size. This indicates the rider the speed, real-time battery status, ride mode, distance covered, etc. However, it appears like the bike avoids the Bluetooth module to connect with a smartphone.


Highly sensitive, precise controls :

 HIMO Z20 is equipped with a meticulously designed intelligence center. This has an interconnected vector control system that analyzes the vehicle’s data and information, that provides users with real-time feedback, enabling efficient use and control of kinetic energy produced while riding. It has smart control system promotes efficient movement for extraordinarily powerful riding experience. Integrated in-seat air pump – Ever found yourself with a flat tire at the worst possible time? HIMO Z20’s in-seat air pump travels everywhere with you, so your tires will always be in tip-top shape.

range bike


 High-efficiency DC Brushless Motor:

Powerful enough to ride completely pedal-free if you so choose, but also dynamic enough to enable a variety of riding options! Each acceleration level is a unique travel experience. The rear-hub motor provides the traction you need, no matter the environment. With the slick yet grippy tires, the Z20 will take you wherever you want to go. However, you want to get there.

HIMO Z20’s Intelligent vector control system:

The functions as the vehicle’s “brain” – containing multiple interconnected parts that send signals to communicate valuable information. This real-time data collection helps provide the user with feedback that optimizes Z20 riding. 

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