Haylou T15 vs GT1 TWS Earphones: A complete Comparison!

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Today we will discuss and explore the differences between two high -end Bluetooth earphones from Haylou. In the Haylou T15 vs GT1  Comparison study, we will discuss the dividing factors based on terms of design, specifications, battery life, and others. If you are deciding between two, then this article is the right place for you to stop.

Haylou is one of the best subsidiaries of Xiaomi and holds massive shares in the earphone market. Haylou makes some of the best and reliable earphones. These are popular worldwide. Leaving aside other things today, we will emphasize on two devices, Haylou T15 and Haylou GT1.

Technically, both contenders are excellent and advance in features in all departments. Both earphones are Bluetooth supported and offer brilliant sound quality.

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The Haylou GT1 ensures high-end sound quality; on the other hand, the T15 claims new and improved performance better up to 200% with no noise disturbance.No doubt that both the wireless earphones offer a great deal of sound quality and fantastic experience.

So, what are the differences between Haylou T15 and Haylou GT1? Please go through the following section to know each prospect of both earphones. You will certainly find the earphones that best suit your requirements effectively.

Haylou T15 vs GT1 : What are the Differences?

Design and Build


Haylou T15 vs GT1 battery

On the basis of physical appearance and aesthetics, The Haylou T15 and Haylou GT1 are both “in-ear” earphones available in black variants only as of now. The T15 weighs around 3.7grams, and GT1 weighs 3.9grams, the weight difference is not much. There is LED light in the EarBuds of both models which light up while pairing and charging

The GT1 comes with a minimalist design that makes it look sober, sophisticated and classy which is the design that many people choose, it is not too fancy yet elegant, The Significant part being here that GT1 earphones are not sharp and they fit nicely into the ears .whereas the T15 comes with smart aesthetic look and a streamlined design, the streamlined design gives a glossy and alluring appearance to the T15 earphones. It is designed as a falcon shaped structure, which gives it a fancy look and gives it a very pleasing aesthetic finish. The physical dimensions of the T15 and GT1 are 36*89*108mm and 100*50*50mm, respectively.

Sound Comparison


Haylou T15 vs GT1 quality


As a prestigious brand, there is no denying the fact that Haylou has the best audio quality in both the GT1 and T15; they both have outstandingly amazing quality. They have few different specifications but either of them is a top-notch wireless earphone in its own sense.

The Haylou GT1 supports  Advanced Audio Coding(AAC) that provides an upbeat bass, soft though clear mids, and high in the pitches. The High production of sounds (Hifi) and noise isolation with the built-in Noise criterion curves ensures bohemian standards of sound quality.

The Zero lag and surround sound features enhance the gaming experience to the next level. In Fast-paced games like PUB-G or call of duty, you need to be well aware of the enemy’s position, and that can be really tricky just with the visuals especially in the mid-range combats. So, the sound quality and sound render play a crucial role to know the position of an enemy by focusing on the footsteps sound, The Haylou GT1 has an excellent sound render pace and no sound lag as compared to other earphones due to the updated chip.

Haylou earphones


The Haylou T15 pays more attention to the bass and makes it a natural choice for the bass lovers. The noise cancellation technology is amazing in T15as well thanks to the ACC and built-in Noise criterion curves. The latest technology of 6mm bio diaphragm that delivers sound in layered stages and DSP technology removes any chances of picking up extra noise, especially when outdoors and thus makes it a better alternative for calling purpose.



Both Haylou T15 and GT1 have Li-ion batteries, which is considered a decent battery type. The T15 is powered by 2200mAh battery capacity(case) with 60 hours of music playback, and the cherry on the cake is that the case of T15 serves as a power bank for mobile. In addition to this, the T15 supports reverse charging that allows you to charge your earphones using your mobile. Whereas, the GT1 comes with an 800mAh battery capacity(case) with 26 hours of music playback. So, if you are someone who travels a lot and does not get a chance to charge the earphones every now and then, the T15 is the better option in that context.

Haylou T15 vs GT1 design

Utilities and other features Haylou T15 vs GT1 Earphone:

The duo of T15 and GT1 support voice assistants like Siri, google assistant etc, by the use of which we can turn up/down the volume. Both earphones are waterproof, so you can enjoy your favourite songs while walking in the rain. Both earphones come with excellent Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity.

The earphones come with easy touch controls which give you the privilege of controlling them. Just single taps on the body of the earphones that increases the convenience drastically

Here are the controls for the earphones:

Answer/end call-Double tap.

Ignore call-Keep touching for 1 second.


Skip track-Double tap left/right earbud(only left in case of GT1).

Gaming mode: Triple tap right earbud.

The T15 earbuds can connect individually and can play which is a decent feature considering we cannot always occupy both of our ears as in the gym when you have to talk to someone in the middle of the sets. Similarly in a queue at a cafeteria where it is just comfortable to hear music in one ear as we might need to talk or respond in between instantly.

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