Haylou LS02 Smart Watch at $34.29

Haylou ls02
Haylou ls02

Haylou LS02 Smart Watch keeps you always smart. The brand new styles and upgraded product, it is the most amazing smartwatch ever. This smartwatch is smart by its look and features, too—the marvellous features that helps you to remind your daily errands. Everything is accessible by this Haylou smartwatch.


Alluring Look of Haylou LS02 Smart Watch:

The Haylou LS02 smart is different from other watches. It has a 1.4-inch touch screen, which is created with a resolution of 340*340 pixels with a 2.5D curve. It has an adorable look. And it comes in black colour, which makes your wrist more attractive. The total weight of the watch is 38g only, which is comfortable to wear. The superior quality of materials is used in it, which makes them different from others. There are no different types of patterns used, which is best for it—this smartwatch for everyone.

Haylou LS02 Smart Watch fitness

260 mAh battery of Haylou LS02 Smart Watch:

The Haylou LS02 smartwatch is different from its looks and features. It has the most exceptional features ever. This watch comes with new technical thoughts. It has an advanced technology that comes with a heart rate monitor for a whole day. And it is possible because it has a long battery life up to twenty days. The total capacity of the battery is 260 mAh, and it has battery saver, twenty days battery life with battery saver mode it is enough for this stunning product.

Haylou LS02 Smart Watch app

Personal Trainer:

Moreover, it has a unique feature, which makes this product Divergent, that is, Smart notice during duty hours. Furthermore, it has a sleeping assistant for the night. And it also records your daily steps. Moreover, the watch is your coach watching over your Workout and helping you control sports intensity. Apart from that, It has 12 sports modes that keep you moving forward. By using this watch, your life will be more disciplined.

Haylou LS02 Smart Watch features

IP68 Waterproof:

One of the best things in Haylou LS02 Smart Watch IP68 dustproof and waterproof. Other traditional smartwatches get down by the splash of water, but it has unique qualities. Connectivity:- This watch easy to connect with your device without any perplexity. Haylou app is easy to access in the play store and Apple Store. And it has Bluetooth connectivity 5.0, which is easy to connect the devices.

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