Google says – Functionality of the app will available on the shopping tab in the web version.

According to reports. Google is shutting down its mobile shopping apps for both ios and android. It will direct users to its web shopping site instead.

On Friday XDA developers discovered that the term “sunset ”. Google added to several strings of code in the shopping app shows that apps were being discontinued. One of the spokespeople from google told that the apps will continue till June. “After few weeks we’ll no longer be supporting the shopping app.

We’ll continue enhancing the shopping tab and other surfaces including the google app “” it will remain still active.

With the help of the app. Users allowed to chooses from thousands of online stores across the globe. Also users can make purchases using their google accounts. So that they can shop quickly.

This user found the android app was working completely normally on Sunday but most of the users were seeing something went the wrong message when they tried to use the shopping app.




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