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Google Pixel 5a : Specs leaked – all you need to know

pixel 5a leaked

The Pixel 5a google’s budget phone is likely to be a launch soon.
Google’s last effort in the pixel 4a impressed with its top-performing camera and 400 dollar price tag.
It’s always been top in the best budget phone list. A deep dive at the android 12 developer preview has revealed a suite of detailed surroundings to pixel 5a. Pretty much confirming it’s coming.


And a lot of the leaks so far in another sign the pixel 5a is on its way. A new google phone that sounds a lot like the Pixel 5 has just passed regulatory certification in India.

The pixel 5 could lose unlimited photo storage. Google is imposing limits on free cloud storage for its future Pixel devices. Google has a little bit of a track record for when it releases its budget pixel models have a June 11 launch.

A source has confirmed this but there is no detail where exactly that source is from. That leaves us with some uncertainty as to when the pixel 5a might show up. It’s largely assumed the phone would once again debut during google’s spring developer conference. But it’s not exactly clear if Google is going to host such an event this year.

Just put down spring 2021 is the tentative release date for the Pixel 5a.until we hear otherwise so here’s where we’ve seen some hints as to what Google might have planned for the pixel 5a.

5a leaked
Android 12 out of the box


The pixel 5a is expected to feature a 6.2-inch display with full HD resolution that’s the same size as the screen on the Pixel 4 5g at an expected 6.1 x 2.9 x 0.3 inches.

It’s not surprising that pixel 5a would share so much in common with its immediate predecessor. The point of this particular phone is to give consumers a lower-cost option.

Google probably figures to reserve more substantial changes for its pricier flagship pixels like the pixel 6 expected later this year. The pixel 5a will be adopting pixel 5’s rear camera module which features a 12.2-megapixel main sensor and a 16MP ultra wide-angle lens passes budget pixel phones have similarly adopted the optics introduced in the flagship pixel six months earlier.

So such a move would be in line with what google’s done in the past as with previous pixels. The TRUE standout camera feature will be google’s flare for computational photography with capabilities like night sight. The size of the pixel 5a battery will likely depend on whether google includes 5g support with the phone google will want to keep the pixel 5 under the 400 dollar or even at its predecessor’s 349 dollar price tag.

Stay Tuned. Hope to catch you in the next one, Peace out to you.

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