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Fulcrum minibot at $139.99

Fulcrum minibot

Fulcrum minibot at $139.99 The Fulcrum Minibot 1.0 3D printer is compact and alluring in looks. The small and beautiful 3D printer comes with amazing features—the beautiful concept of technology increases your child’s imagination. The best quality of manufacturing material is used in it, which makes it more elegant. It comes at the lowest price, which is around $138.99. The adorable concept of mechanics which is pretty good at work.

Fulcrum minibot printer

Compact and glossy body of Fulcrum minibot:

This is a decent looking 3D printer, with a glossy white body and a black color base design, which is sober and sophisticated in the natural look. The Fulcrum Minibot 3D printer is compact in design. This compact design is it’s biggest strength, as it can be carried around easily. It is 21 cm in width and is 22 cm thick. This tiny printer can fit in a drawer easily, on a shelf, or even in a bookcase when you are done using it.


It can even easily rest on a desk and stay there. The small printer cannot print objects that are more than 7 cm sideways and 7.5 cm high. This is also very little! You can, therefore, print small parts, figurines, small decorative objects, or accessories for various assemblies. It is not like other traditional 3D printers, which comes at a high amount of money with a bulky body. 

Child safety features of Fulcrum minibot:

It has Robin TFT 2.4 inch touch screen power off call function Left and right transparent partition, it has child safety protection which protects you during working time. It formed a small object; The maximum printing size is 75 x 70 x 70mm.


Less noise:

It does not create heavy noise like another traditional 3D printer. Intelligent education and intellectual development are possible with this fantastic printer without any problems of use. Due to which, it is the best choice for basic entry-level.

Resists data loss:

MINIBOT 1.0 can continue printing from the last recorded position after suffering an unexpected power stoppage or any other sudden stoppage. It Supports WiFi ( need to buy WiFi module separately). The platform board is made up of alloys and magnetic sheets ( removable boards) . Moreover, a nozzle temperature of 205 °C is best, and a heated bed around 80 to 110°C. Resume Printing.