FTN S1 PRO Electric Scooter is now available

Ftn pro

FTN S1 Pro is an amazing product with the best quality/price ratio. This electric scooter is foldable and economical. FTN has blessed this model with all the features – a buyer is looking for an electric scooter.

Aluminum Alloy FTN S1 PRO:

It is made up of 6061 Aluminum Alloy, which gives durability to this product. The double LED light comes with S1 Pro, which allows Users to use this scooter at night. It has an unfolded size of 110x20x43cm, which is easily foldable and useable.


FTN S1 PRO  8Ah Battery:

S1 Pro has an 8Ah battery. It can run up to 30Km in a single charge. The battery is standard and touches all aspects of today’s world. It requires a 2A charger, and only one Port is given which is the Charging Port. A good performance considers the S1 Pro price.

500W Motor of FTN S1 PRO:

S1 PRO has a 500W motor, which is a powerful motor to run electric scooters. It gives good speed and can reach up to 20 km/h speed. The motor is brushless, which provides high speed to the User. It also produces less noise while operating. FTN electric scooter allows you to overcome the slopy area as it is provided with a powerful engine.

standing stand

Brack System:

FTN S1 PRO comes with a double Disc Brake and electronic Brake, which provides a higher level of security to the operator. It has highly efficient shock absorption. Due to this, Users can easily use this product in the countryside also.


Other Features:

20 Km/h speed is sufficient to get where you want to go quickly. It gives sufficient space for Users to stand on it and drive comfortably. LED Lights are installed in front of the scooter, which gives enough light to you to drive during the evening time. The maximum Load FTN S1 Pro can bear is up to 150 Km. Due to this, all aged people can use it and enjoy this amazing model of FTN company.

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