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How To Fix Google Pixel 7 And 7 Pro Camera Not Working (2022)

Fix Google Pixel 7 and 7 Pro Camera Not working

Google recently released a shiny new phone called the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro. Along with many other improvements and cool features, this phone includes a lot of storage and an improved camera. We can hear some recent news about Google Pixel 7 & 7 Pro cameras not working. Let’s find out

However, many people find that the Camera on their Pixel 7 Pro is not working. Folks have reported that opening the camera app takes a while and then they cannot take pictures. Others have reported pixel is dead.
A user from Reddit reports, ” I opened the Camera on my Pixel 7 Pro last night and it’s been stuck there ever since.”
There are a few possible issues with the Camera on the Pixel 7 Pro.

 Google Pixel 7 And 7 Pro

The first one is that some people think their phone is overheating, running slow, or about dying. No matter what it’s really about, it is possible to fix these things by performing a simple reset of your phone.

This guide will show you guys how to fix the Pixel 7 Pro camera freezing, crashing, or not working at all. Before we begin, make sure that your phone is in stable condition and that you have recently installed the latest update on your phone. This should make your phone invisible to the virus, which makes it harder for us to find out what’s going wrong with our device.

Why is the Google Pixel 7 & 7 Pro camera not working, crashing, or stopping

The Google Camera app has a lot of features and settings. If you’re experiencing any issues, it is possible that the camera app itself is not working correctly. The reason for the camera crashing can be different.

Google Pixel 7 & 7 Pro camera not working

Some people have reported that their Google Pixel 7 Pro camera works fine but constantly crashes. In the case of this phone’s Camera not working, there are quite a few different possibilities. One of them is that your phone has been infected with a bug.

It is unusual for new devices to have technical problems as both are running on the latest android versions, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t have some weird issues with your device.

Sometimes, it can be due to some physical problem that’s causing your phone to run slowly or freeze. Try performing a soft reset of the phone, and the issue should disappear.

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Google Pixel 7 Pro camera review

The camera quality of the Google Pixel 7 Pro is outstanding, and it has wide apertures, dual-pixel autofocus, optical image stabilization, and face unlock.
Many people have given positive reviews about the camera quality of the Google Pixel 7 Pro, saying that it has an awe-inspiring dynamic range.

There is a bit of noise in the photos if you don’t use HDR, but overall, it is pretty impressive. The colors come out accurate and vivid. The pictures are sharp enough, even when they’re taken with no network connection. So overall, the performance of the Camera on this phone was pretty good.

But as soon as people started complaining that the Camera on their Pixel 7 Pro launched and was not responding, tech sites that are not very fond of Google rushed to assess the problem and soon found out what was going on.
Numerous users quickly discovered that their phones’ cameras did not work correctly.

They reported that it took forever to open up, and when they finally opened it up, it sometimes would freeze or crash if they pushed the button.

Some people said the Google Pixel 7 camera is not working after the update, which means it’s software and can be fixed. The Google Pixel 7 Pro came out with an update already on board, but some folks also had trouble installing it.

Suppose you experience freezing or crashing in the Camera app. In that case, you should clear your phone’s cache and then uninstall updates that are not working correctly on your device and install them again.

How to fix Google Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro cameras not working or freezing issues

So if you’re having camera problems with your Pixel 7 Pro, there are some steps you can take to fix it, even if it doesn’t seem like a hardware issue or something that would be covered under warranty as it isn’t technically broken (yet).

The first thing you should do is reset your phone. You don’t need to worry about losing any data because it will be automatically backed up. For example, if you use iCloud or Google Photos, all your photos will be backed up, including those on your camera roll.

1. To do the reset: Hold the power button and select restart. Let the phone reboot, select your language and set it up as usual (WiFi password, etc.). Once you have returned to the home screen, try opening the Camera again.

2. Update Camera app from Playstore: Does your phone not have a working camera? Try updating the camera app from the play store. Make sure that you have all app updates on your phone. Go to play store > menu > my apps & games and update the Camera app.

3. Update your phone’s operating system: If your phone is having issues, try updating it to the latest version of Android and see if that fixes it. To check for updates, go to settings> about phone > software updates and see if any updates are available for your Pixel 7 Pro. Suppose there are. Download and install them.

4. Factory reset: If all else fails, you may have to do a factory reset on your phone. Make sure you back up your phone first because the reset will wipe it out completely and everything will be deleted. Here are the steps to do so:
Go to settings > system > advanced > reset options > factory data reset.

Select erase all and confirm your action with a long press on the power button (on most devices, holding the power button for 10 seconds will force a reboot). The process can take several minutes to complete its cycle, so be patient while waiting. After this, you can set up your phone as normal again.

5. Contact Support: If none of the above works and your Camera is still not working, we recommend you contact support for assistance.


How to fix the camera not working in Pixel 7 Pro after the update?

Ans. If you are facing this kind of problem, make sure that your phone has the latest update and that everything is updated. OR Follow the above steps.

How to fix Google Pixel 7 Pro Camera not working after the update?

Ans. The update was not easy as everyone thinks. Try to clear the cache and then re-install the app again. If it still doesn’t work, clear the cache of your phone and install the update again. If it still doesn’t work, factory reset your phone.

How to fix Google Pixel 7 Pro camera taking time to load?

Ans. Clear the cache and force restart your phone, if that doesn’t work try a restart in recovery mode (stock recovery). Facing this problem you can also try to reset your phone (full factory reset) if you want to avoid any data loss.

Why is my Google Pixel Camera Black?

Ans. You did not enable auto-brightness in the camera app settings. Go to settings > camera > auto-brightness. If you face this problem again, turn off auto-bright and then turn it on again after a few seconds.

How do I fix a black screen on the Google Pixel 6?

Ans. You may have accidentally turned off auto-focus. It’s easy to fix but you need to turn it back on. Go to settings > camera > auto-focus and then turn it on.


If the camera on your Pixel 7 Pro is not working properly or you’re experiencing some other kind of problem, just try fixing it. These steps should do the trick.