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FIIDO T1 E-Bike is now available for $1279 only

FIIDO T1 reviews

FIIDO  T1- Review, Specifications, and everything to know

FIIDO is an electric bike company specializing in the production of electric bikes and scooters and has currently come up with a brand new e-bike, FIIDO T1.


The bike ranges up to 150 km running on a single charge. The motor that it runs on is 750 W having a 7-speed drive train.

FIIDO is a very renowned brand known for its electric bike market. Also, in the previous year, the company came with Fiido X and Fiido X Lite, which happened to be one of the best folding electric bikes. One year ago, to the launch of Fiido X, Fiido came up with Fiido D11. So, now the manufacturers have decided to come up with the Fiido T1, the bike that is meant for carrying cargo.

The FIIDO T1 bike has got Hydraulic Coil Sprung Fork with great capacity and power. The motor is strong enough to carry the bike in terrains, rough surfaces, rocks, sand, and uneven surfaces like that.

FIIDO t1 price

The distance between both wheels is 1210 mm. so there is enough distance to cut the wind and improve the bike’s stability. The transmission of the e-bike is 7-speed, and the operating temperature is 10 degrees- 50 degrees.

The waterproof rate of the e-bike is IP54, and the voltage is 36 V. The bike has a lithium battery type. The related capacity of FIIDO T1 is 720 Wh along with rated power of 250 W and input voltage of 100-240 V.

This model is known to have a capacity of 50 km/h, which is an average speed bike, and the speed of the bike can be increased with more pedals. The tire of the bike has got a measurement of 20 X 4 inches.

One of the most remarkable features of the bike is the non-slip shape; this allows the user to ride the bike in forests, sand, beaches, rocks, and many more. The capacity of the bike is 48 V. The battery of the bike is 20 Ah, and it has a capacity of 960 Wh.



The price of the e-bike FIIDO T1 is US$ 1,599. The geographical locations where the bike is available are the United States and Canada, and other units are also available in Europe that offers a battery warranty of 1 year.

The bike comes with a basket at the front that is meant for keeping things at the front end. Also, a fender at the front helps the rider know about the time and adds more features.

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The bike does not have a rear suspension, but the e-bike FIIDO T1 comes with front suspension forks. This helps the rider to have an outstanding balance with enhanced comfort. Also, the FIIDO T1 eliminates the front bumps efficiently, making the bike easier to run on damaged terrains, bumpy streets, and also in rocks.


The material of FIIDO T1- the frame and handlebars are made of aluminum alloy along with rubber grips and disc brakes. The weight of the e-bike is 36.2 kg, and the size of the bike is approx. 180 X 69 X 118 cm. The seat is adjustable and can go from 92 cm to 118 cm.

The bike comes with 1 FIIDO T1 electric bike, 1 EU Charging Adapter, 1 Wrench, and 1 User Manual.


Of course, the bike is designed for transporting and carrying loads, and hence the tires are fat, and the metal frame is exceptionally sturdy. The front of FIIDO T1 has a basket that is designed sturdy to carry enough load.

The back of the bike has got cushioning. So, if you have Pilon with you, they can easily sit on the back without hurting their back. It is excellent for you to use for travel, work, and riding with a companion.

Why is it worthy to buy?


  • Great mileage
  • Good battery backup
  • Cushioned seat
  • Front carriage
  • Sturdy material


  • No cons yet


The FIIDO T1 is a highly sturdy e-bike with great mileage and road capacity. The bike has the power to carry the load and come up with an excellent transport facility.

You can also buy it from official website (link below) :- 
Buy FIIDO T1 bike for $1799 only