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FENGMI X1 Mini Projector now available for $949.99 only



FENGMI X1 Laser Mini Projector has become extremely easy and helpful for work. The recent launch of this product is for ease of work. The product has been designed keeping in mind the elegance and technology.

The FENGMI X1 is designed with a high brighter day and night projection. It is capable of supporting 4K and HDR decoding. The product is designed keeping in mind the need to carry, so it is designed weightless and around 2 kgs. The projection ratio of the product is 0.33:1. The projectable size is 50-200”, providing a clear and bigger image while projecting. It supports motion compensation that does not disturb the projection of motion.

The projector has got electric lens focus making the projector clear to the project and providing clarity. FEMI X1 has a far-field voice so that you can operate the projector from a long distance without any hassle. The trapezoid correction of the projector has got an eight-point correction.

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You do not have to face audio trouble, so the projector has sound effects of DTS-HD and Dolby Audio. The speaker power of the projector is 2 X 10 W, and the power input is 19 V/7.9 A. The projector looks for eye protection, and hence it comes with human sensing detection. The LASER safety level of the projector is CLASS 2 and has got Bluetooth to voice remote control.


Software in Fengmi X1

Speaking of the projector’s software, the projector has a CPU of MTK MT9669, which is extremely powerful and provides a smooth projection. The RAM is 2 GB DDR4 and ROM 16 GB EMMC which does not lag or hang. The OS of the projector has got FengOS/Android, which is an updated version. The Android System is Android P. The WiFi range is 802.11ac.2.4G/5G 2T2R. The Bluetooth is the updated BT5.0, and it has excellent connectivity over a long range.


The FENGMI X1 laser projector comes with a built-in 30 Wh lithium battery that reduces the power dependence and is exceptionally light in weight and portable. The projector expands the radius of time and provides excellent space for use. The Li-Lon battery is long-lasting and is exceptionally convenient for watching movies and games in bars and cafes for a long time. It has a C-type power supply interface and a 3.5 mm audio interface.

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