Fengmi Cinema Pro Projector : Cinema at your home

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Fengmi is an esteemed laser projector manufacturer under its parent Xiaomi. Today, we will point to the latest development,[Newest Version] Xiaomi Fengmi 4K Cinema Pro Laser Projector, which has arrived with a bundle of new and improved specifications. The brightness has increased from 1700 ANSI Lumens to 2400 ANSI Lumens. Moreover, the projectable size has increased from 100 to 150 inches.

Fengmi Cinema Pro Projector Design and Build:

The Fengmi Cinema Pro Projector comes with a compact and subtle design with a glossy finish. It is a black-colored rectangular device that has decorative edges on each side, making it elegant and classy. The compact design and the lightweight account for how handy it is. You can easily take it from one place to another from the living room to the bedroom or a friend’s home for a gathering. It’s no ruckus at all.

Fengmi Cinema Pro Projector edge

Operating System and internal features:

It has the new Fengmi Operating system that helps establish a decent user interface and effectively execute services for applications. It supports android 6.0 and above, which is excellent because most of people nowadays use android. As a result, you can project your favorite series/movies using android which makes it very convenient and user-friendly. The accurate speech recognition feature comes in use a lot. As a result, you don’t need to get up and change the currently watching show, you can simply do it from your couch. This makes browsing and exploring easy and comfortable.

Fengmi Cinema Pro Projector veatures

The four-core cortex CPU and 3GB DDR3 RAM power its uninterrupted and smooth performance, as we already know that the processor and RAM play a crucial part in any device’s performance. Hence The Fengmi Cinema Pro Projector comes is engineered by keeping in mind the brilliant and hurdle-free performance. Moreover, power consumption is a maximum of 250 watts. So, you don’t need to worry about the electricity bill.

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The 64 GB ROM allows the user to save their favorite Series/Movies, which they can watch whenever they want. This is an excellent feature as we are not connected to the internet always, or the network connectivity varies from place to place. In those situations, when you can simply play your favorites without waiting for a stable network or sitting and watching it while the show buffers, which not only causes irritation but also spoils the mood to watch anything.

Picture Quality of Xiaomi Fengmi Cinema Pro Projector:

One of the most significant points anyone notices while buying a projector is picture quality. Fantastic picture quality is the primary function of any projector. When you play anything on the projector, you want it to be crystal clear and have a multiplex cinema kind of feel. You don’t want the picture quality to be hazy or dull.

Fengmi Cinema Pro Projector orignal

The difference in picture quality of the projector is why some cinema halls have lower image quality, and some have much better(like inox or PVR).

Fengmi 4K Cinema Pro Laser Projector has Digital light processing(DLP) technology, which ensures clear and vivid picture quality. In DLP, the image is created by microscopically small mirrors laid out in a matrix on a semiconductor chip that provides brighter, sharper, and more reliable image quality. The DLP technology is much more advanced and efficient as compared to the conventional Cathode ray tube(CRT) technology. The DLP technology is revolutionary, and so is its result.

The 4K resolution ensures that the picture quality does not scatter, and the pixels are maintained to make the viewing experience enjoyable. The 150-inch projection size and the full-screen content preview allow the viewer to encapture all the necessary details in the show, and unnecessary trailing of the picture is avoided, which can be really frustrating. Moreover, No boot adds from the projector cause zero disturbance during the view experience. The home page customization feature is very beneficial as it allows the user to set the placement of icons and thumbnails according to his/her choice.

Fengmi Cinema Pro Projector new

Picture Quality(Detailed) of Fengmi Cinema Pro Projector:

The throw ratio decides how far you have to put the projector to get a full-size image. So, the throw ratio of 0.233:1 is utopian and serves for much more efficiency and comfort. The accurate contrast ratio ensures the picture quality is real and vivid, neither too bright nor too dull, just an accuracy that perfectly fits the viewer.

Fengmi Cinema Pro Projector front

In addition to this, It uses diffuse imaging, which works with harmless infrared rays. The Diffuse image technology ensures a healthy viewing atmosphere for you and your family. It embeds infrared and body sensors on both sides of the lens. It reduces the brightness smartly whenever someone approaches. eyes are very delicate. The strain on them of any kind can damage the person’s vision. Nowadays, people indulge in digital viewing most of the time. From work to entertainment, everything is digital. Xiaomi keeps in mind the health of its users and hence the diffuse image technology.

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The eight-point projection system on this projector allows us to adjust the picture on uneven walls/surfaces to have brilliant picture quality under any scenario.

Sound Quality:

The HI-Fi sound quality brings the real feel of a theatre to your living room. The DTS ensures surrounding sound quality, which makes the watching experience real bliss. The Fengmi 4K Cinema Pro Projector supports Dolby sound atoms, which is reputed for offering the best digital sound quality in the market. The extraordinary sound quality is powered by dual high-frequency technology. Overall the sound quality is amazing and engages the viewer completely.

Fengmi Cinema Pro Projector old

Price Point:

The Fengmi 4K Cinema Pro Laser Projector is presently available on the Banggood store for $1999.99 and available for $2339.99 on Gearbest