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Essager USB Type C To USB C Cable: Reviews

Essager USB Type C To USB C Cable

Positive Customer Reviews

  • Honestly, I can see the charging W [Watt] at this price point, so I am satisfied. It seems that there is no drawback because fast charging is possible.
  • The cable seems to be good for the price. It works as it should. I don’t have any complaints about it.
  • These days, wired Connections are started to lose their importance because of wireless connectivity, but this cable has proved this wrong. It is a fast charging cable that secures digital protection, which can be used in any area for transferring data or charging your device wirelessly.
  • There are only a few cables around that offer fast charging; you should get one of these quick chargers if you are looking for one.

Negative Customer Reviews

  • The kind of cable does not fit into the charger. The quality is not very good as it has a lot of differences from other cables
  •  I bought 2 of these so that one could charge my laptop and the other could charge my Google Pixel XL phone (different models), and neither one will charge anything. They’re probably just defective, but I feel that you should get something better than this for this price!
  •  The USB C charging cord I have been using so far doesn’t support fast charging, as mentioned above on the product page of the company website. It is slow and doesn’t give top-quality products to its customers.
  • The USB Type C cable that I have been using stopped working when I tried to charge my phone while it was still in use. The cable stopped working after a few minutes of having it plugged in. The company is now refusing a replacement and gave me a termination letter which will be sent to my address as soon as one day expired.
  • It does not support Fast Charging, which is this cable’s major drawback. Inferior quality and it was broken, and the company denied replacement.•
  • The Watt showing screen is not worth the money, and it seems that there is no improvement in charging speed. I’m returning this product as it does not support fast charging and doesn’t seem genuine!
  • The cable is already broken, and I have used it for ten days. I’m sure you guys are lying about the fast charging feature too. Don’t waste your hard-earned money on this product!
  • The cable is too short, so it can’t be used comfortably; it feels cheap and plastic, the USB tip part looks fragile and cheaply made, and doesn’t charge fast.