1 ENGWE C20 PRO is now available for $1000 only (Discounted Price)

ENGWE C20 PRO is now available for $1000 only (Discounted Price)


Are you looking for a cool bicycle for going to nearby places, and markets? If yes, then this article should be for you. In this article, we are talking about ENGWE C20 PRO, an electric bicycle with many awesome features. If you don’t believe me then look at what features I am talking about throughout the article.

1. Portability of Atomstack c20 pro-

This bike has a folding frame which allows you to store it anywhere in a small place. You can also carry it to distant places by putting the bike in the trunk of the car. 

There are two folding points on the bike. One is on the handlebar and another is on the frame. You can fold the bike within a minute if you want to fold it and don’t worry, it will not fold by itself during the ride.

2. Ride for everyone-

ENGWE claims that C20 is suitable for people between 5’1″ – 6’10” (155-210cm). So, if you don’t have a 10-year-old in your family then your whole family can ride the bike. 

The frame material of the bike is aluminum alloy. It is a quite strong material. The design of the bike is also suitable for people of every age and gender.

3. Powerful battery of Engwe C20 Pro –

The bike is equipped with a 36V and 19.2AH battery which takes 6.4 hours in charging. 

You can cover 150 KM in one charge. This is really great mileage for such a cheap bike.

4. Handlebar-

The width of the handlebar is good, it’s not too narrow. You can adjust the height of the handlebar according to your need. Handle Grips are well designed and feel comfortable and allow you to make a firm hold. 


In the middle, there is a display showing information such as Speed, Level of speed mode, Battery level, Trip distance, and Odometer.

You will definitely love the display. It’s a big and bright display enough to read everything it is displaying. 

On the left side of the handle, there are buttons to increase the speed level, turn on the light, and access advanced settings.

5. Lighting-

There is a front LED light on the bike. The light gets the needed power from the battery. The light is bright enough to ride in the dark comfortably. In the dark, it is this bright light that helps you to see others and also be seen by others. You can use the switch on the handlebar to turn on and off this light.

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