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Video Uploaded by Neuralink

:- A monkey is playing with its mind.

Recently Neuralink uploaded a video on Youtube. Showing a monkey is navigating an on-screen cursor with his mind.

Basically Nuralink Uploaded a video on youtube showing monkey is navigating-  Neuralink – it’s one of the Elon musk’s founded company. It is working on technology that can transplant directly into the brain. And with the help of that chip user can control machines/ devices with their brain.

Pager – a 9-year-old macaque monkey had a Neuralink embedded around a month and a half before the video was shot. The video’s anonymous storyteller says.He was first instructed to play computer games with a joystick for a banana smoothie reward conveyed through a metal straw.

While he was doing this. The Neuralink gadget recorded data about which neurons were terminating — learning, basically, to anticipate hand developments by recording what districts terminated. Subsequent to learning the examples.

The joystick Pager used to play was separated from the PC. The monkey seems to continue playing the game utilizing just his brain — playing a round of Pong with no joystick at all.

This scientific delivery style is uncommon; typically, recordings like this are valuable material to peer-surveyed papers distributed in scientific diaries. Those papers contain information that can be checked by different researchers.

It’s authentic that a monkey may play computer games utilizing a mind embed — all things considered, a deadened man has effectively utilized a mechanical arm and a non-Neuralink cerebrum embed to drink brew.

Pong is exemplary of mind-machine interfaces — in 2006, Matthew Nagle did a comparative accomplishment with four preparing days.

In July 2019, Musk said that a monkey had effectively had the option to control a PC with its cerebrum and the Neuralink embed. From that point forward, we’ve seen showings of Neuralink innovation in pigs.

Musk’s tweet

Today, Musk tweeted that Neuralink may allow an incapacitated individual to tweet quicker than an individual utilizing their thumbs on a cell phone. A later objective, he said in a subsequent tweet, will be to convey messages from Neuralinks in mind to Neuralinks insignificant body neural groups, “in this manner empowering, for instance, paraplegics to walk once more.



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