Dreame L10 Plus Review : Price, Specs, and features

Dreame L10 Plus : Price, Specs, and features

The convenience of cleaning and saving precious time is the element that leads to the invention of the robot vacuum cleaner. The Dreame technology always had the innovation and ideas to understand and meet the need of the consumer. The company already launched many robot vacuum cleaners in the market.

Dreame L10 Plus


The Dreame Technology has upgraded its products with the latest technology and features. Recently, Its new launch Dreame L10 Plus is all set to rock the market. The vacuum cleaner can be said to be the successor of its previous model Dreame L10 Pro. Moreover, It comes with many improved and new features. The automatic robot cleaner always encounters many objects when cleaning, and to avoid that it has intelligent 3D obstacle avoidance technology and LDS LIDAR navigation 4.0 technology. The route can be planned accordingly through the mobile application for custom cleaning of your area.

Dreame L10 Plus with large battery

It comes with strong  4000Pa suction, Large electronically controlled water tank which doubles the cleaning power of will the suction and mopping process. The Battery is of 5200mAh capacity and can easily clean 250 square meters areas with a single charge. You just have to charge and customize your cleaning process and there you go!

Large dust bags

Furthermore, The main reason to buy Dreame L10 Plus is its design which enables more dust collection than any other vacuum cleaner available as of now. It comes with a 4L large capacity dust bag so that you don’t have to clean the dust bag daily. The dust bag can be cleaned after 40 to 65 days. So, if you are planning to buy this one then cheers you will not spend your weekends cleaning your house. The dust is collected through the dual air ducts of suction and then you can directly transfer that to your garbage bag without any trouble.

dreame l10 plus review

This product is surely a must-buy. To know more about this product please stay tuned.

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