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Dreame F9 Robot Vacumm cleaner : A Detailed Review

Dreame F9 Robot Vacumm cleaner

Cleaning Made Intellectual,  Effortless, and at a pocket-friendly price!

Robotic vacuum cleaner have made a huge impact on the world before but this time Xiaomi has introduced “Dreame F9” with strong suction, better edge cleaning capabilities, and improved programming. It’s a Life upgrading product, it’ll make your cleaning days super easy.

The purpose of the product is to provide a healthy lifestyle with minimal manual cleaning. 

Dreame’s vision is to ‘Enhance the living quality of global users with unique solutions.

Dreame F9 vacuum cleaner will navigate through your home and clean it for you. It keeps floors nice and clean only with a few taps on your phone.

Design of Dreame F9 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

The product’s design looks simple and is very easy to operate. It is user-friendly. It has ultra-slim smart mapping technology. This technology allows quick and easy storage with the up-gradation of map memory.

The unit can recognize the area automatically. Ican be set to a specific room or big area according to the choice of the user. The information is supposed to be used when the robot cleaner is in the process of cleaning.

The size of the cleaner is 35 cm by 35cm with a height of 8cm only. Since the height of the device is compact it will be able to undergo and reach any corner of the house for better accessibility. It can reach hard places, such as under the kitchen table, under the bed, or sofas, or stubborn dirt.

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For Your Comfort:

Through the app, Virtual wall barriers are established to prevent sudden collapse or drops of the device. 
The use of dual gyro sensors TOF (time-of-flight, the small black lens on the top) sensors. This device uses it to understand your home better by detecting doors and passages. Also commonly referred to as a laser tower.
Important specs of Dreame F9
All new dreame9 robot cleaner for intelligent cleaning with minimal labor.

How to use:

Dreame F9 is compatible with Android phones and iOS devices. Once paired with the MiHome App, One can automatically select any room on the map to clean as per the user’s wish.

For a better lifestyle compatible with humans A ‘ Keep out Zone’ is built into the device. To make the device sustainable it can bump obstacles up to 20mm avoiding crashing and in certain cases dropping.

It is integrated with an insanely-powerful 2500 Pa high-speed brushless motor suction.
Phone application to manage Dreame f9 robot vaccum cleaner
Mi Homes application allows us to manage settings like map display, scheduling, cleaning time and so much more…

The package deal:

  • Product  Description-

It comes with one water tank, one side brush, one charging seat, one power line, one wet mop, and one cleaning gadget which absolutely sums up all your needs for a clean stunning spotless home.  The device is available in white color only.

  • Battery-

The battery of 5,2000mAh gives 2.5hr of time in operation combined with pioneer 2.0 with the

power of 40W.

Price of Dreame F9 Robot Vacuum Cleaner:

The purchase price of the product is €249,99/-which looks like a great deal.

  • Delivery Charges-

The shipping charges may differ according to your location. It’s worth the cost with the overall specifications it provides. A device that is hassle-free and keeps your home clean.

Time and space:

  • Usability-

Dreame F9 is suitable for cleaning large homes or areas. The device uses a Z- shaped cleaning pattern. It covers all the areas in the room and doesn’t leave any spot until controlled on the app by the user.

A SLAM algorithm (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping) operates the system-updating a map of an undefined area while keeping track of the real-time position of the device. It’s a multi-stage process that includes the alignment of sensor data.

If a robot vacuum cleaner encounters obstacles in front of it to avoid damage it turns around and continues in a straight path.

  • Cleaning Mechanism-

The device is meant to be attached to a microfiber cloth for mopping the floor.

In additionthe user can set specific pattern for the cleaning of rooms in defined order, and when the device is set to move it maps the room and perfectly performs its defined work.
dreame f9

Details of the product:

  • Info of the commodity-
It is constructed with the cleaning components of flexible roller brush that easily covers wide surface areas.
The high-speed brush covers the tough corners for clean-up.

A 2-layer dustbin system that filters the dust particles into 0.3 microns allows for creating a better environment and cleaner air circulation into the room and another Dustin of 600 ml.

A smart electric water tank with a holding of 200 milliliters with different water levels of the low, medium, and high for better performance and clean floors precisely ( low for drying right after mopping, suitable for summer days. Medium for basic daily cleansing, and high for dirty ground surfaces).

It is constructed with the cleaning components of lightweight roller brush that easily covers wide surface areas. Also, with high-speed brush covering the difficult corners to clean.

With this appliance, mopping can be easily managed.

Any Dirt, dust particles, or any other residuals will disappear once you start using it regularly.

  • Compatibility-

The device can be enabled by the MiHome app, which is compatible with Apple and Android devices.
The application measures the area of cleaning, the cleaned area, and the current cleaning period and enables 
cleaning routine to be scheduled.

To give it a human touch one can also allocate different icons to various locations in the house such as the living room, bathroom, study room, kitchen, or any areas in the house.

You can adjust the cleaning order in the app by choosing room cleanup. A user will be able to set certain boundaries. Their boundaries are no entry zones on the app which gives you peace of mind.

Kid friendly technology
Dreame F9 provides a safe environment. It can be used when kids and family are around.

The smart features that are built-in DREAME F9 (A Quick Review):

  • Dreame F9 uses automatic charging.
  • flexible roller brush is used to clean the part which takes less time to clean large areas.
  • It requires little storage space.
  •  The device is compact plus easily portable.
  • It is a wireless system, so no more trouble with additional wires to be laying around in your house.
  • The system enables you to set the water level on the ground while mopping for fast real-time situations (low, moderate, and high). For example: Want to do a quick light mopping before friends come for lunch? Just switch it to light and let the Dreame F9 do Its job while you glam up and be at your best!)
  • It is extremely easy to clean the robot vacuum, just pull the lever and pull out the dust box.
  • It cleans hard floors and doormats really well and shows great results.
  • For better performance, smart map of your house can be developed in 24-48 hours.
    dreame f9 robot vacuum cleaner
    Image of the device moving into an automatic charging station setup

    Overall, Dreame F9 is the best product in this price range. It will make your life 100% easier and with efficient results.

    It can be bought from various online stores and is totally family and kid-friendly.

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