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Doogee x96 Pro

The Doogee x96 Pro is a solid device on Aliexpress. And it has a very affordable price tag. The features of the device are average but it has a really nice price tag.


Doogee x96 Pro

So let’s head into it. The Doogee x96 Pro has a 6.52-inch HD plus display. 4Gb ram 64GB internal storage. It has the latest tastiest Android 11 operating system. And of course, it’s a stock android. Currently, Doogee does not have its own custom UI. The phone has a quad-camera set up at the back its 13-megapixel main Samsung sensor and a triple 2-megapixel camera. The phone has an 8-megapixel selfie camera.

Moving on to battery life. Doogee x96 has a 5400mah battery with a 10-watt charger. The soc of the device is a quad-core soc which is clocked at 1.6 gigahertz. And of course, it is a 28nm soc. It is built on 28nm technology. So it’s actually a really large soc and of course, socs like this usually cause a huge amount of heat on a smartphone. So definitely you actually drain battery life a lot more.

But I think that should not be an issue because the phone has a very large battery life. It has a 5400mah battery so regardless of how much this soc actually produces much heat to drain more battery life this battery life will definitely sustain you.

Anyways other features of the device include a 3.5-millimeter headphone jack. With a triple card slot, a fingerprint scanner at the back, and many others like that the device has a price tag of about 110 dollars.

You can actually get it on aliexpress. And of course, this device is actually available in four different colors. The sky blue, midnight black, brick red, and tropical green. It has a very very nice price tag so if you want a very cheap device out there this is actually a very good deal.


Stay Tuned. Hope to catch you in the next one. Peace out to you.

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