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Dji Mavic rival : Fimi X8 Mini – THE BEST ALTERNATIVE

Fimi X8 mini launched and available on Aliexpress at just $399.0. Femi x8 mini launched shortly and potentially a huge rival for the DJI mini 2.
So what is the Femi x8 mini? Femi x8 mini is the smaller version of the Femi x8 which is already on the market.

Fimi X8 mini

This is going to be an interesting question. Will the launch of the Femi x8 mini force dji to possibly give us some more features? such as active track because this is one of the features. That is going to be active on the x8 mini so let’s get into the full specs.


Fimi X8 mini comes with a weight of 250 Gram class ultra-light design And a remarkable eight-kilometer transmission range which is obviously in line with what the DJI mini 2 can’t do.

Fimi X8 mini

Ultimately the best feature is the active track that being able to fly direct from your phone without having to plug it in at the controller. Basically you have to connect to your smartphone via WIFI if you forget your controller at your home. The high bandwidth, low latency, and strong anti-interference 5.8 GHz high frequency create up to 100m of real-time HD image transmission Quickly record the beautiful moment you don’t want to miss.

And 30 minute flight time which is about right to what we’re expecting. So we also got type c fast charging. We’ve got a 4k hdr video. Which is really really exciting. Then we’ve got three axes mechanical gimbal camera which of course you would fully expect from a drone. Then the ever you know sort of vague level five wind resistance also there.

Fimi X8 mini Battery And Camera

The Femi might have a slight edge on DJI mini 2. When it comes to battery performance, type c a fast-charging battery. That’s what we’d expect and again stabilize 3-axis mechanical gimbal absolutely what we’d expect as well right on to the next thing then we have 4k hdr video. Hence, the camera features 4k 30 videos and a highly dynamic range meaning more precise footage videos are shot in the h265.

The type-C charging port on the battery allows for 9V/3A rapid charging. You can charge your backup batteries without a hassle while flying the drone.

The high bandwidth low lift and strong anti-interference 5.8 gigahertz high-frequency signal create up to 100 meters of real-time HD image transmission. So you can quickly record it without having to get your drone out of the case again.

Fimi X8 mini has a quite interesting 80-degree field of view. And if we compare that to the DJI mini 2 that is 834 millimeters. Compared to 26 millimeters so we’ve got that little bit more focal distance there and a 12-megapixel camera which is exactly the same as the dji mini 2. And got that 100 megabits bitrate again which is the same as the mini. The max resolution is three-eight forty by two one sixty. Which of course is 4k and that’s up to 30 frames per second.

Stay Tuned. Hope to catch you in the next one, Peace out to you.

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