Detailed Review of ASUS ROG 5 : Should you buy or not ?


When it comes to the best gaming phones, ROG series is one of the best gaming phones out there.

Asus finally released the successor to the rog phone 3

we’re skipping number four, but the main benefit here is that we have a lot of new things.

The snapdragon 888, we have the 6000 MAH battery that we’ve had in the past also but now supporting 65W.

and we have the return of the headphone jack supported by quad DAC.

so a lot of cool things to actually be very excited about this.

Keep in mind there are three different variants of this machine,

overall the pro is the ROG PHONE 5 ultimate and the one we have reviewed is the rog phone 5.

The pro unfortunately is not available yet. 

Since we’re covering the entry-level as well as all the way the best version,

we should be able to give you guys a good example of both.


It’s mostly for aesthetics it’s a glass back . And this model does not have the additional display on the back the way the ultimate has this one still has the RGB’s present on the back there’s a triple camera setup on the back with one microphone and dual tone led flash and of course, we have a 6000 MAH battery actually two 3000 MAH battery is built-in here charged up with the included charger in the box that is a 65-watt charger charge from zero to 100 in about 55 minutes.

Design And Aesthetics

On the Right, we have one microphone a volume rocker, and a power button.

And of course, on the left side, we have that nice dock mechanism,

And the pin connectors as well as the USB C  that’s present on the left is going to

be the one that supports HDMI out of the box.

On the bottom we have the 3.5 mm headphone jack it’s a quad DAC supported headphone jack with a USB C port charging. Of course, when you’re gaming this gives you the ability to use your phone very nicely not having to have anything plugged in here as this port with the connector comes in the box gives you the ability to use a headphone jack on the bottom.



 It also includes a cooler to be able to keep the thermals under check when we’re playing for an extended amount of time lastly there’s a kickstand also on the back as well as two air trigger buttons that we’re able to configure directly within the UI and of course on top of the two built-in ones that we still have as we normally have them with ROG phones.



 The display is a 1080p 144 hertz now it’s capable of going all the way up to 1200 nits of brightness outdoors so definitely its bright enough to be able to play games and of course with HDR10 plus certification you be able to enjoy content on it not just necessarily playing games all the time.


Now first and foremost it’s a 6.78 display that’s a 1080p panel at 144 hertz with a 300-hertz touch sampling rate we have touch and squeeze control configuration also on the right and left so if user press and squeeze for a second, it turns on and turns off.

And that’s if you’re used to or familiar with it on ROG phones comes with a gaming mode that we’re able to customize to be able to get the best performance out of this smartphone and they actually integrated it here so press and hold for a second activates it and background changes you’ll see the darker red. Basically to understand that it’s at a high rpm and of course we can just use it from the notification panel and turn it off

Internals And storage

As far as the configuration we have is all three models will carry the snapdragon 888 the standard model carries 16GB RAM as well where the pro and the ultimate will carry 18GB of ram as far as the internal storage the standard will be at 256 GB of UFS 3.1 where the pro and the ultimate will feature a 512GB internal storage and then again UFS 3.1 so a lot of different configurations there.


when we talk about the actual sensors,

we have a triple camera sensor as I mentioned 64 MP sensor’s going to be your primary sensor.

that’s capable of giving us 8k 30 frames per second, as well as 4k 30 at 60 frames per second ,

on and of course the secondary lens, is a 13 MP ultra-wide and the last one is a 5 megapixel 

macro lens dual tone led flash the front-facing camera is on the top right and it 

is part of this notch that’s present there.

so whenever it’s functional I have absolutely no problems with the way they approached it here.

But it is a 24 MP camera sensor capable of providing us a 1080p 60 frames per second.

The camera app actually has a lot of nice functional apps functionality.

so we have a slo-mo, time-lapse, video photo mode, portrait mode, of course,

panorama more we get the ability to use that macro lens night mode

motion tracking pro video and of course pro photo options.




 There is no full display because They’re using it to give you the best sounding experience here from the top and the bottom of the speakers.


Audio jack 

Now let’s talk about the configuration of the sound this Best gaming phone.  it supports a 3.5-millimeter headphone jack as well as stereo speakers.

And we can use the built-in d-rack audio tuner that’s built-in inside now one thing , I like about this is that it memorizes or remembers a profile so if let’s say I customize my eq when I’m using my headphones it changes them and it keeps it and it remembers it for us and if I remove it goes back and it uses it the standard one giving us the ability to get the best sound experience on this from all experiences either speakers or headphones and of course you can customize your eq and of course if you have your headphones in you can also customize that.


This beast is running on android 11.  under the hood providing us with all the new optimizations that we have in here and, very smooth very fast system 5g is supported here at sub 6 level.

Stay Tuned. Hope to catch you in the next one, Peace out to you.

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