Comparison between Mijia Lamp 1 and Mijia Lamp 2

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The sub-brand of Xiaomi launches both lamps. Mijia besides 1 broke market floor in mid-June 2019 while Mijia Lamp 2 knocks the market in December end of 2019. Both have cylindrical volume is a bit like a large smart speaker. It is not taller than the bottle of Pepsi. The Mijia bedside lamps come with a two-piece design, which gives a classy look. All the diagonals areas are concentrated on the front side of the Mijia bedside lamps. These are just lamps, and it can change color- Yes. The important thing about these products is they came from one of the companies under the Xiaomi Umbrella- first being the Aqara Hub- there’s a lot of interesting features in both Mijia Lamps that fills the gap between the Mi and HomeKit ecosystems. 

Mijia Bedside Lamp 1 vs. Mijia Bedside Lamp 2:Design and Size

Both lamp have a cylindrical shape, but Yeelight 1 is thinner and also taller than Mijia Lamp 2. Lamp 1 is less than in weight than Mijia lamp 2. The dimension of Mijia Lamp 1 is 3.94 x 3.94 x 8.7inches, while Yeelight 2 is 7.87 x 5.51 x 5.51 inches. Both design nicely and have a very classy look and have anti-skid trips. Due to this, lamps won’t be easily knocked down from the table. Yeelight comes with all control panel on its top side while Yeelight has a control panel at its base front side. Lamp 1 has two buttons in control.

Lights type

l panel one for turning the lamp on/off and switching between modes as well, and other is light adjustment key while in Mijia lamp 2 three buttons are given- you will see the touch slider, switching on/off button, and one of the modes switch touch key.

Xiaomi Mijia Lamp 1 vs. Xiaomi  Lamp 2: lamp works and extra functionality

 In the Mi/Apple Home applications, almost all the features are the same such as standard brightness and different modes in color and temperature. In both lamps, wheel you would for any color lamp or bulb in Mi App. Here the basic timeline is different in the Mi Home and Yeelight apps. Mi Home app has design so that all main controls are given in beside the front side. Four basic controls labeled as ColorFlowPower, and White.

Mijia Lamp 2 

The Automatic Power control System is powerful enough. At the same time, White allows the user to choose the brightness and temperature of the white spectrum from warm to cool whites in both lamps, of which the Mijia lamp does very well – the decent neutral White at full brightness is quite a peace-giving.

The cool and warm whites brightness isn’t too orange or blue, so they’ve been well-calibrated to change bedrooms atmosphere. Colour mode is the same as White if the user controls the system through buttons instead of the temperature. Other modes available are ‘Snap’ that gives the user a sample of the color information of an object in an image finder screen that will then be simulated via the color of both Mijia lamps.

Xiaomi Mijia Lamp 1 vs. Lamp 2: Touch System and Smart Features

Both lamps blessed with a high-quality touch system and can operate with Mi Home App. You can download the app by scanning the QR code, which appears on the product’s package box. Once the user scans the code and downloads the app, you need to login in Mi account. After this, you can easily operate the device, change colors, adjust lamp brightness without and physical touch, switch between lighting modes, and turn the lamps on/off. Both lamps touch system is similar, but Mijia Lamp 2 is quite smooth while working with its physical comparatively Xiaomi Mijia lamp 1.

touch features of lamps

Lamp 1 vs. Lamp 2: Luminous Area

Light Emitting system in both the lights is the same, due to a similar cylindrical shape. Different lighting modes are given in the lamps user can use it according to their needs. Both give access to choose between cold and warm Light and give various color options too. Mijia Lamp 1 being taller can spread its Light to a bit higher height compare to Mijia lamp 2.

Mijia lamp ComparsionMijia lamp deals

High Quality LED bead always takes care of your eyes in both lamps, and you can use it for a longer hour while working. The whole body is illuminating and brighter in both lamps. Soft Light which usually used in day and sleeping night Light during sleep time. There is not much difference between both lamps when it comes to the luminous Area.

 Advnaced Features Comparison of Both Lamps

Along with many of these types of features, they don’t form backup very well, to be honest, but it’s a nice little gimmick nonetheless. Electronic music dance systems of various sorts seem to fare better due to the consistent and heavy kick drum that cuts through if the user doesn’t need to have the app open for this to work as long as the app is running in the background.

Mijia Lamp


Mijia Lamp 1 vs.Lamp 2: Pricing and final thoughts

Both lamps of Xiaomi-Mijia can purchase for under $ 49.99 by using different coupons available. And from the above discussion, it is quite clear that there is no big difference between the two Mijia Lamps. Speaking, apart from there design, there is no difference in both products. And I would like to conclude that Xiaomi Mijia Lamps has received an up gradation from the existing products of other brands in the market when it comes to looks and controls.

I wouldn’t upgrade if I owned either of these products. Because both the Mijia Products are similar and have the same features, the only bold difference between them is Mijia Lamp 1, which is taller than Xiaomi Mijia Lamp 2.

 Depends upon the requirement and beholder’s choice, some might prefer the slimmer and taller Mijia bedside lamp 1 over bulky Mijia lamp 2.While talking about the smart lighting features, functionality, and remote controls system, we have not found any big differences between the two smart lamps of Mijia: they seem to be equally the same and smooth. They can be easily add to your Mi smart home App.