CMSBIKE F1 (12 inch) electric scooter is now available at $429.99


The CMSBIKE F1 electric Scooter powered by CMSBIKE. The revolutionary concept of technology which made this foldable electric Scooter. This product is exquisite and reliable for anyone. This is a great product for everyone. This electric Scooter is too different from the traditional Scooter. It has a classy look with an amazing concept. This Scooter is also good for our environment.


The lightweight of CMSBIKE F1:

The CMSBIKE launched an amazing product for everyone. The electric Scooter has an aesthetic look with a slim body. It has only 14.8kg weight, which is easy for carrying and can support supports up to 110KG of weight. It’s Look like a traditional Scooter, but it has different types of quality, unlike other scooters. This ScooterScooter has different qualities, such as it does not take a large area to stand. You can easily fold and fit somewhere. The matte black color of Scooter makes it even more attractive. The looks and appearance are fantastic. This little Scooter is really delicate and beautiful.



This is an electric Scooter, which Contributes to decreasing pollution, everyone should use these kind of vehicles to preserve the environment which is at the verge of distortion.


Three modes in CMS F1 Electric Bike:

The maximum speed that bikes can accelerate is 25 km/h. Moreover, It can climb slopes up to 35 degrees. The rubber tire has good shock absorption and obstacle-passing ability, a more stable riding experience. One of the best things is that it has five-speed modes, energy-saving mode, standard mode, and Sport mode, which is good for you. Apart from that, it has more extra features, which makes your ride comfortable, Morse code lock, LED warning taillight, and Front and rear disc brake.


The battery life of CMSBIKE F1:

The F1 model has an 18650 power lithium battery, 90% energy conversion rate. It has powerful 250W 36V engines. This is enough for 30 km in full electric mode and to an extent of 40 km in mixed mode. Furthermore, As you can see, the range depends on the weight of the bike load. It takes 4 hours to charge the F1 battery fully.