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CMSBike F-16 Plus: Review and Specification

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Electric mountain bikes, like the CityMantiS or CMS F16 Plus, which is the model we’re going to analyze today, are efficient for those who love to get out of the way and do many kilometers, but when they return home with their legs heavy with fatigue, they prefer to go more relaxed, enjoying the scenery.

With this kind of bike, the slopes stop being torture to become a diversion. And the paths that may seem more difficult are becoming more accessible.

Before we start, we would like to comment that this e-bike is an excellent example of how in China there are many companies that, outside of their borders, are known to be advanced quality products at very competitive prices, which leaves an exquisite feel.

The CMS F16 Plus can be folded through a central hinge, meaning we will be able to put it in without problems in the back of the car.


The dimensions of the folded bike are 140.00 x 58.00 x 100.00 cm. This feature will allow us to occupy less space when we have to board the bus or subway. The negative point is that it weighs about 30 kilos.

But you have to remember that mountain bikes weigh more than city bikes. . In any event it is prepared to maintain a maximum weight of up to 150 kilograms.

As soon as you see it, you realize you’re looking at a bike developed from quality materials. In fact, the frame is made of aluminum alloy, which will give it more durability.

This equipment is currently being marketed in two colors: white combined with black and black elements with details in white and red.

In addition, the CMS F16 Plus has an LCD screen that will allow us to know different data while traveling, such as the speed at which we circulate or the battery level.

The panel, apart from offering excellent imaging in the exterior, comes with a USB port to be able to charge the mobile phone. At the front was added an LED light that greatly facilitates driving when dark, which is essential to avoid accidents.

Its powerful 250W Brushless motor guarantees an excellent performance, regardless of the terrain you are moving on. This type of engine does not use brushes to change the rotor polarity.

The energy generated will allow you to reach a top speed of 35 km/hr and climb slopes with up to 30% unevenness. The pedaling aid is quite useful when circling through the sloping ground. We also have to overcome various obstacles.

In this electric bike the CMS F16 Plus is fitted with a 13Ah capacity lithium battery and 36V, which will practically convert into autonomy. Ranging from 40 to 70 kilometers. But it will always depend on what is demanded of it.

This battery will need to be recharged for about 4 hours, so we recommend leaving it connected to the power at night. This bike has wheels with 16-inch tires.

It also has a Shimano 21S gearbox and disc brakes on both wheels, which will allow us to stop with optimal braking distance. Another aspect to mention is that this bike comes from the factory with three modes use pre-installed.

One complete “manual” that will depend entirely on the rider’s effort. Another “Hybrid”, which combines pedaling with the extra help of the engine at certain times. And the last one is entirely electric.

If you are looking for an electric bike for the whole family to use, we recommend the FIIDO D3. Apart from its bizarre design, this bike reaching 25 km/h, has a Li-ion battery with a capacity of 13 Ah, which manages to reach 50 kilometers of consumption in electric mode.

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