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CHUWI FreeBook 360 2 in 1 now available for $430 only

Chuwi FreeBook-Review

The Chuwi FreeBook came up with replacing paper with digital books. The FreeBook is designed to work for all your business deals but doesn’t make you feel that you are not working on a paper; instead, it is digital.

The Chuwi FreeBook is a real performance exposure along with being cost-effective. It is incredibly light in weight and is a stylish Notebook. It stands out of the queue both in terms of Appearance and Performance. It has Intel UFD Graphics that provides excellent ease for work and presentations.

The FreeBook comes with LPDDR4 8 GB Dual Channel Memory that is an excellent storage and provides excellent support for work. It has a 256GB Nvme SSD that provides great assistance as a work partner. The dual Wi-Fi is of 2.4G + 5G Dual-Band Wi-Fi providing robust connectivity to the user. The Chuwi FreeBook has got full-featured USB Type-C Interface for connectivity and charging.

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The Chuwi FreeBook is a great partner for your business, studies, or other miscellaneous work. One of the most exciting features of this FreeBook is the 3:2 screen that is extremely easy to work with and the 360-degree rotational screen that can be converted into a touch tablet.

The set is of 13.5” excellent input tool capable of playing Ultra HD videos without any disruption of flinching, great display, and works fine with writing and programming. The 3:2 format is best for writing and stays lightweight with 1360 grams per brand claim.

Chuwi FreeBook 

Software in Chuwi FreeBook

The Chuwi FreeBook comes with an embedded chip of Intel Jasper Lake processor, a Celeron N5100 with four cores, and processes 10nm. It has a frequency oscillating between 1.1 and 2.8 GHz. It has 4 MB of cache memory and an Intel UHD graphics circuit ranging from 350 to 800 MHz with 24 EU. The processor takes up only 6 small watts of TDP.

Chuwi FreeBook  price         


The Chuwi FreeBook has 8 GB of LPDDR4 RAM soldered to the motherboard and 256 GB of PCIe M.2 NVMe SSD. This happens to be one of the most effective SSDs of all types as the speed is not so high compared to the format it offers. The structure is 1318 MB/s for reading and 762 MB/s for writing. The rate of this is not so constant, and it varies in comparison with that of the device.

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