Get Boyueda Electric Scooter for $1069.99 only

The Boyueda Electric Scooter has many exciting features to offer. The mind-blowing concept of advanced technology which made this foldable electric scooter. It is a great product which loves you always. It has a classy look with an amazing concept. This scooter is environmentally friendly. Boyueda is an aesthetically appealing product.

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Compact Design of Boyueda Electric Scooter:

The Boyueda launched a fantastic product for everyone. This electric scooter has an aesthetic look with a slim body. It has a 40kg weight. It looks like a traditional scooter, but it has different quality types. This scooter has different qualities, such as, for instance. It can easily bear a load of 400kg. The matte black color of the scooter makes it more attractive.

Boyueda Electric Scooter


Moreover, this is the electric scooter which Contributes to decreasing pollution. And it is best for everyone. This little scooter is so delicate and beautiful. The looks and appearance are styles that are good for everyone.


Amazing Battery of Boyueda Electric Scooter:

The Boyueda electric scooter has 60V of powerful Li-ion battery. Due to which, it has an amazing battery backup and can give max 130km mileage.

5400W high-performance motor:

Boyueda Electric Scooter comes with a 5400W high-performance and super strong motor. This bike never leaves you. It has a 42km/h maximum speed, which makes the user a little worried.  The 11-inch rubber pneumatic tire has excellent shock absorption and obstacle-passing ability. Due to this, a more stable riding experience. It was featuring Safety equipment Electronic immobilizer. 

High performance motor

It comes with Brake Front and Rear Double disc brakes. Moreover, it is blessed with EBAS electronic brakes system for efficient response braking.

brakes used

Other Features:

It comes with Aluminum alloy shell for max 400 kg payload. And it is suitable for adults and teenagers for fun. Boyueda is Tax-Free means no extra cost amount customer as to pay. It is relevant Certificates CE.

Boyueda Electric Scooter