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BlitzWolf BW-VP15 for sale at $149.99 only

BlitzWolf BW-VP15

Very few companies have managed to launch projectors as wide as BlitzWolf. It has twenty variants on the BW-VP15 product sheet, so it becomes tough to choose one. We have got reviews that say BlitzWolf projectors are the best one, and one of the facts that makes this best is that it can run on Android systems.

Design of BlitzWolf BW-VP15

The Projector has an HDMI, an AV, and an influence wire. Also, it combines with microfiber fabric, an outline, and an excellent little distant management capable of handling all the essential functionalities.
There is a button on the highest of BlitzWolf to manage all the functionalities and are incredibly comfortable. The Projector has a dice with rounded corners made of amber knock-blown plastic with a durable and robust design. The Projector can be arranged, and the connectors need to be placed.

BlitzWolf BW-VP15



The brightness of this Projector is known to be 7000 lumens, but no ANSI standard is similar to this. But we feel like the truth is it comes with 200-300 lumens. The menu system is extremely easy to operate with remote control.


This part is hugely frustrating to discuss as it does not have a 4K compatibility. Hence, the images cannot be scaled to 1080p, and videos with this resolution cannot run. All other formats are acceptable and run smoothly.
All kinds of audio files like FLAC, wav, mp3, and vma are acceptable and can be run with no issue. So, this is the reason you can go for this Projector with absolutely no problem.

BlitzWolf BW-VP15 features


For iPhone users, the BlitzWolf BW-VP15 is exceptionally compatible and can be used with a wired solution, or wireless play is available. For Android users, the connectivity happens through Wi-Fi. So, both the users- work perfectly fine, and there is no issue with connectivity.

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The content consumption can be carried out through external media like SSD, hard disk, flash drive, or if the Projector is connected to a television, the transmission will happen through a cable TV or any other broadcasting solution.

BlitzWolf BW-VP15 coupon


The gaming can also be done through the Projector. So mobile games have already come up with a significant camp, and all the content can be flashed on the Projector. So, it comes with an Android TV Box function where one can play mobile games easily.

Talking of the sizing of the Projector- the diagonal sizing can vary from 1.35m to 5m, and the screen size is not larger than 2 meters.


• Android and iPhone compatible
• All audio formats compatible
• Great design
• Sturdy material
• Supports mobile phone gaming
• TV compatible


• It does not support 4K video format

BlitzWolf BW-VP15 price

How to connect the BlitzWolf BW-VP15 projector to the phone?

You will find a USB port and a USB cable for connecting. The front end comes with an HDMI port; in the end, it has a power socket and, in the back, it has a reset button.
Step 1- Plug in the dongle to the HDMI port of the Projector
Step 2- Now plug in the power cable on the dongle
Step 3- Plug the USB cable into the Projector’s USB port to provide power.
Step 4- Attach the dongle to the desired location and plug it on
Step 5- Now, the Anycast Dashboard will appear
Step 6- Turn on the Wi-Fi of your smartphone
Step 7- Select the anycast WIFI to enter the password written on the anycast dashboard.
Step 8- Go to the screencast settings after successful connectivity, and select anycast wireless display.
And your phone is connected to the Projector.

You can also buy it from the link below:


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