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BlitzWolf BW-PCM3 Specs and Features!

BlitzWolf BW-PCM3

BlitzWolf continues to produce products of uncompromising quality that are trusted by several consumers around the globe. The company has released an all-new BlitzWolf 15.6-inch BW-PCM3 with 4K resolution and touchable IPS high-resolution touch screen this time, making it perfect for travel.

Portable Computer Monitor

You can attach it to your PC and make it a second screen for your desktop, or you can mirror your smartphone images and videos on your screen, a long journey would no longer be dull with this all-new Blitz wolf BW-PCM3.

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Display and Screen Resolution

The BlitzWolf BW-PCM3 15.6 Inch Computer Monitor supports a 15.6′ 1920*1080 resolution along with a touchable IPS display and a sensitive multi-touch screen. This would make it possible to get vibrant and clear images for the viewer.

BlitzWolf BW-PCM3

Screen Casting in BlitzWolf BW-PCM3

The computer monitor enables screen mirroring through your smartphones, thus making it the most comfortable option to continue playing games from your phone.

USB Ports in BlitzWolf BW-PCM3

The device’s ports include mini-HDMI, micro-USB, and 2 Type-C ports that can be used for charging. The Type-C port supports the mirror mode for your mobile phone and desktop and transfers images and documents.

BlitzWolf BW-PCM3

Compatibility options in BlitzWolf BW-PCM3

To use it immediately as an external display, just link the monitor via USB-C and take advantage of its touch feature, which will work, but only if you use this connection: with HDMI, of course, the touch functionality will not be enabled.

White balance and saturation settings

You can modify them by means of color profiles, which, however, are reset every time the display is switched on: once it is switched off, the memory is lost and the default settings are switched on again.

Stereo Speakers in Blitz wolf BW-PCM3

A pair of stereo speakers are also available.

Portable design

Made with an aluminum body and plastic frames, the “Blitzwolf BW-PCM3″ display style is compact and entirely portable.

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