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BlitzWolf Air Purifier is available at $85.99

BlitzWolf Air Purifier

The BlitzWolf Air Purifier BW-AP1 is a classy and affordable smart air cleaning device that can be controlled by App.

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Advanced 360-degree Purification:

It comes with powerful active filtration, which easily covers a 30-meter square cover area. It has 220-meter cubic CADR. Due to this, it becomes a modern world gadget and fulfills all today’s world requirements. The filter has a service life of 2000 hours, and after that, it should be replaced—the best part of this device to change the filter. No need of skill person to set up and to operate it.

powerful purifier

BlitzWolf Air Purifier App:

By using the App user can easily control. You can set the timer, manage wind speed by your phone, and maintain air quality. When it is operated, it produces a maximum of 61 dB of noise. This device is capable of filtering 99.97% of things that do not fit into the air(odor,
organic particles such as bacteria, dust, pollen, etc.).

Long-Life Components:

It’s an air purifier smart device with a more exciting design, which is cylindrical and leaves purified air from the top, where a black disc is given. At the top of the device-a touch, a button is present. The air purification capacity of this device is 220 m³ per hour, sufficient for a big space in your home. It is made up of hard-wearing materials, which makes this product durable and robust. BlitzWolf Air Purifier has an AC capacitor motor with high precision bearing.

body is robust

2 in 1 Filtration System of BlitzWolf Air Purifier:

Its first layer traps large particles such as pet fur, hair, etc. At the same time, its second H11 Pure HEAP filter traps small particles such as dust mites, bacteria and pollen. It is best for a maximum area of 25 ㎡. Due to this, it can be use for a large room, living room, bedroom and will clean the air very effectively..