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Best Blue Gaming Mouse Top 52021 That You Should Never Miss to Use

Top Best Blue Gaming Mouse

Top Best Blue Gaming Mouse: Usually, we play the game in our daily life when we play on a computer then we need to have a
relevant mouse because many times we play the games and have a competitive desire in this situation.

If we do not have an appropriate mouse, we may have to face some problems during the playing game although a simple mouse can be run for gaming activity and other works some
selected mice are made especially gaming point of view; by using these mice, we can feel some comfort I think that when a person needs to purchase a mouse, then first he searches on Google and try to find the best mouse at a reasonable cost sometimes price may be more preferable for someone.

Still, sometimes people prefer to purchase a costly mouse according to their financial capacity and needs, so in this article, we will review some top best blue gaming mice.

I highly recommend that if you want to purchase a gaming mouse, you should first read the entire article and then try to find the top best gaming mouse. I think that when you read the whole article, you will not have any confusion. In this way, you will be able to make the right decision.

According to my, good research before buying anything is very mandatory, a blue gaming mouse is most suitable if you want to play the game on PC. With the blue gaming mouse, you will be able to use your total capacity to play best although the gaming mouse is not so different than a simple mouse, these mice are designed specially game-oriented.

Its sensor is susceptible, responsible, and suitable. In gaming mice, some functional buttons are given so that the user can implement his whole expertise. After testing many mice, I selected some of them.

These mice will be described here, and I will provide everything about these gaming Imaging mice.

So that easily you can decide which one is best for you.

Ratel CE106101

● DPI: 7500
● Interface: wired
● Button: 7
● Agronomic: Right-handed
● Very comfortable
● fast reaction
● good color and plug and play

It is my favorite mouse because I got 7500 DPR and four polling rates available.

It provides DPI level 1200 to 7250. In various gaming activities, it is straightforward to adjust the model by using this lpmouse Ratel CE016101 gives us good acceleration and polling rate such as 125Hz/250Hz/500Hz/1000Hz in this all button are programmable and work fast it is designed agronomic and comfortable for a screen that allows you to set various keys on the base of various games. So that you can get a competitive advantage, it is ideal for MOBA/RTS games; it can be used on Windows 7/8/10/XP/Vista and also Linux but be aware that it is not able to program for mac OC.

Logitech G903

● DPI: 16000
● Interface: wireless
● Buttons: 11
● Agronomic: common
● Good build quality
● Exact and trustful
● wireless charging technics
● high price

Logitech G903 gives us excellent performance. It has a broad CPI range so that we can use this according to our needs, I think it is the best gaming mouse because when in the morning, I use it to refresh the computer then I feel that it takes time almost one-fourth of second that time I realize that it is wireless, I did not face any problem in the signal-drenched apartment. It is a costly mouse, so I recommend that if you want to have powerplay wireless charging, then you can purchase this it Will be suitable for you.


● DPI: 2400
● Interface: wireless
● Button: 7
● Ergonomic: Right-handed
● Unique and changeable LED light effect
● Soundless performance
● 2G wireless standard
● Energy efficient

TENEMOS T12 is a wireless mouse designed with seven buttons and 3 DPI modes; it is a blue color mouse and is very comfortable.

During using this, I got that it is also trustworthy.

It can transmit data at high speed without any lags.

In this mouse, where can activate the led light by using a switch.

If I need to save energy, then we have to do this.

After 10 minutes, it will go into sleep mode if we do not use it.

We can adjust dil in three levels such as 800, 1600, and 2400.

The LED light of this mouse has seven colors that change randomly and create a fantastic effect.
The body of TENEMOS T12 is made with high-quality material, so it is challenging and soft.

Also, this mouse can grip easily because it is made in a relevant shape; both click buttons are virtually soundless so that we do not have any sound irritation.


● DPI: 18000
● Interface: wireless
● Button: 7
● Ergonomic: Right-handed
● Suitable for Grupo In-hand
● Precise tracking
● Firm build
● A strange amalgam of material
● Best grip

CORSAIR IRON CLAW RGB mouse is most suitable for you if you prefer a low-cost and big-sized mouse because it is a preferable mouse in lost price.

It is a mighty blue gaming mouse that is primarily for serious gamers. If you do not have any problems with accoword shape, then it is for you.

It has incredible quality, and it can give us a sensitive range between 100 to 18000 and can adjust DPI in one step increment.

Due to high sensitivity and adjustment capability, its price is not affected.


● DPI:3000
● Interface: Bluetooth
● Button:6
● Ergonomic: Right Gandee
● Good build quality for the price
● Excellent performance out of the box
● Perfect mouse for traveling
● Excellent customer service
● Battery life is not long
● Occasional small stutter
● True wave technology

This mouse is best and perfect for us because it is a very trustworthy blue wireless gaming mouse.

One good quality that is very attractive in TECHNET BM308 is that it can be used with a laptop, pc, tablets, and Windodoes does not matter; I mean it is not affected.

It gives us true wave precision, i.e., it is supposed to be used on any soft surface.

It can work anywhere without any dongle or transceiver due to wireless Bluetooth connectivity.

The battery of this mouse can be used for 24 hours with only a 2AA battery.

How to choose the best blue mouse

If you are going to purchase a gaming mouse, then you need to care about the critical factors such as good connection speed, exact tracking, high reaction, comfortable scroll wheel, and trustful button switch because when you are playing the game on pc, then you need to shut or attack competitor, these all activities can be run with the mouse.

Many mice perform well, so one of these can be selected.