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Atomstack X20 Pro

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Atomstack X20 Pro

Atomstack X20 Pro now available for $1099

Atomstack X20 Pro is a small, easily portable and powerful laser cutter device in the market. You can cut and engrave on wood, metal, acrylic, thin plastic board etc. by using this machine. The machine combines the power of four lasers to make a super laser to cut and graze on hard surfaces easily.

Here we are going to discuss many features of the machine in detail. If you want to buy this then you should know about these features-

You can cut up to 12mm of wood

If you have a high demand for cutting the wood then this machine might be very useful for you. It can cut up to 12mm of wood in one pass.

The machine can also be useful for a common man because, at home, they require wood cutters frequently.

You can carve on wood, metal, acrylic

This machine is an awesome engraver with many cool features in it. You can design your favourite designs on wood, metal, acrylic etc. If you are an artist then this machine may be very useful for you. You can use this machine to also engrave your household furniture, metal Sheet or pots etc.

Quad-core laser

Atomstack X20 Pro is equipped with a quade core laser module, which consists of four 6W laser beams coupled into a single beam with a power of 20W.

This makes the machine capable enough to cut a 12mm wooden sheet, 8mm of Acrylic, and 0.5mm of metal sheet in one Pass.

Large carving area

You can carve a 400×400mm area at one time. The engraving accuracy of the machine is 0.01mm. That’s highly accurate for engraving for a common purpose. You can do the engraving work by using the photos from a mobile album, sd card etc.

32-bit motherboard

32 bit motherboard

With a 32-bit motherboard, the machine can engrave beautiful designs very fast. So, you don’t spend much time in engraving and can do other important work also. This motherboard can work offline also.

You get these things in the full pack of this machine

Control box, Display screen, laser head, Rubber tube, air-assisted machine, Power cable, USB cable, USB card and card reader, fixed-focus film, dust-free cloth, metal mat board, mounting skrews, brush, wire tie, safety glasses, synchronous belt etc.

Powerful air assist pump

You can engrave beautiful designs without stopping yourself for anything as the machine is equipped with a 10-30L/min air assist pump kit, which can improve the cutting and engraving speed as well as the life of the service. It helps blow away the accumulated dust and rust.

You can get the Atomstack X20 Pro now for $1099 at Atomstack official website.