1 ATOMSTACK A10 PRO Dual- Laser Engraving machine for $639.99 only

ATOMSTACK A10 PRO Dual- Laser Engraving machine for $639.99 only


ATOMSTACK A10 PRO Flagship Dual-Laser Engraving Cutting Machine Review

The Atomstack A10 Pro Flagship Dual-Laser Engraving Cutting Machine has upgraded dual compression spot coupling laser technology. The high-density laser can easily be cut 20 mm thick wood with black acrylic. The A10 Pro can be used directly in mirror stainless steel metal or ceramic glass.

The A10 Pro cutting machine has an eye-protecting laser machine with a dual laser of 10W. The engraving area is 410 X 400 mm and has got an aluminum alloy structure that can be installed quickly.

The materials that support engraving are metal, 304 stainless steel, high-energy wood, CNC, wood, slate, etc. The high-power and high-end laser cutting equipment support offline engraving. The A10 Pro Flagship Dual-Laser Engraving Cutting machine has an emergency stop button, and hence it gives a safe 150 W CO2 laser engraving effect.

Let us talk about the specifications of Atomstack A10 Pro Dual-Laser Engraving Cutting Machine-



There is a panoramic filter glass in the machine that provides a protective cover that offers protection to your eyes. It filters 97% of the UV light. This helps the people around you not wear goggles and watch laser engraving.

Structure Design of ATOMSTACK A10 PRO

The all-aluminum alloy design makes the machine more durable, improving engraving accuracy. The whole structure can be assembled quickly, and the assembling can be done within 10-20 minutes.

Fixed-Focus Laser

One does not need to adjust the focus every time. The focal spot area of the new laser is 1/3rd of the spot area of all the other ordinary lasers. The laser combine combination and high energy are given both simultaneously. The laser focus is more stable than that of the zoom laser.



The compatibility of the machine is high. It is compatible with different mature engraving software like LaserGRBL, LightBurn, which support Win XP/Win 7/ Win 10, and also it supports the MacBook system (LightBurn). The engraving file formats that support are NC, BMP, JPG, PNG, DXF, etc.


Precise Scale Line Axis

The scale lines on the X-Axis and Y-Axis are precisely formed that allow quick length measurement. The 410 X 400 mm area, which is enormous, meets your engraving needs.

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Coupling Technology

The Laser power is 10-11 W, ultra-fine laser focus area which is 0.08 X 0.15mm. The high-density laser can cut 15-20mm thick wooden boards and 10-15mm thick black acrylic. Also, it can directly engrave mirror stainless steel, metal, ceramic, engraving, and cutting speed is 40% higher than that of ordinary models.

Screw Rod

The machine uses an integrated screw rod and not a combined coupling. The integration of a screw rod and stepping rod is done, making the movement of the laser extremely precise and the coupling durable.


Laser with Knob

This feature makes it highly convenient, and the height of the laser can be adjusted.


The Machine is capable of working hard and taking a heavy workload but is it okay if it cannot deliver work on time. The machine’s working speed is not so fine and does not work fast. The time is taken for any work to be done comparatively more.

The installation part of the machine is not so easy. Installing the machine is a tough job, and it takes real difficulty to complete the installation, which is time-consuming too.


  • The innovative eye protection design
  • Great Compatibility
  • Precise scale line axis
  • Fixed focus laser


  • Installation is a tough job
  • The work speed is not so fine


The Atomstack A10 Pro has excellent features and is a great portable engraving machine that protects the eyes.

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