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Recently Facebook has suffered an enormous data breach. In which 53 million Facebook users from more than 106 countries had personal data leaked online – including phone numbers, Facebook ids, birth dates and other crucial data of users.

The question arises when you are reading this article – how to check whether you are part of that breach. There are few places where you can confirm that your data has been compromised or not.


There is one website “HAVE I BEEN PWNED” that some might heard of and some might not. You just have to put your email address or phone number. And you will find out not only if you’ve been part of the Facebook breach. But it will also show other breaches in which your data have been compromised. Click here to visit.

Another device for checking your telephone number against the spilled Facebook information base is a site called The News Each Day, where you input your telephone number to see if it’s important for the breach. As per David Johnstone, the designer of the site, to secure your protection, the site produces irregular telephone numbers that start with similar five digits as your number and sends 99 phony and one genuine number to the worker, so it can’t realize which is the genuine number.

What’s more, on the off chance that you do discover that your information has been undermined? A portion of the means you can take are to change the passwords of bargained locales, utilize a password manager so you can make and track remarkable passwords for each site (so that on the off chance that one is undermined, it will not influence any others), utilize two-factor authentication for extra security, and stay alert for information on some other breaks.

Stay Tuned. Hope to catch you in the next one, Peace out to you.

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