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Apple Set To Launch Classical Music App This Year.Is It Different From Apple Music?

Apple Classical music App
Apple Classical music App

Apple, historically, has been more of a standing company than ever, but that is changing with the present challenges of social media and many other factors. Like the consumer, Apple Music recently found itself facing a dilemma on how to adapt to changes in its business model.

The latest foray by Apple into the world of classical music will launch very soon. The app, called Primephonic, intends to deliver subscribers a “streamlined experience that helps them get the most out of their subscription.” This seems like a worthy undertaking, given how many beloved composers have been forgotten over time due to neglect or technological advancements.

The foundation of Apple Music Classical will be Primephonic, a classical music streaming service that Apple bought more than a year ago. It will also include “Collections” representing many past classic and traditional recordings.

So this is another part of Apple’s mission to provide customers with additional content as needed. The collection will also be assembled by an exclusive team composed of musicologists and recording artists, including “world-renowned conductors and musicians.” This will also include engineers who have worked with many classical artists while building their careers.

The app will be launched in 2022 and stream music in lossless quality.

The app will be available in the App Store. The app will be based on Primephonic’s streaming technology. It will also include “extensive editorial support that provides subscribers with personalized recommendations, curated collections, and in-depth information about the music they are listening to.” The editorial team behind the app “will curate a wide variety of content, including high-resolution recordings of live performances, historic recordings, and exclusive original content.”

Although it is not clear yet when the subscription service will become available to the public, during its initial testing phase, Apple Music Classical is expected to offer only content in line with its current catalog. However, a later date could be revealed if Apple wants to compete against other platforms such as Spotify or Deezer.

All the Indian, European, and American classical music albums will be retailed. It is unclear how Primephonic will handle subscribers who cancel their subscription after the testing phase. Still, the company maintains that users can always rejoin the service within one month if it is canceled.

It will not be apparent if Apple Music Classical includes non-classical music genres or if it will be limited to just classical. However, Apple recently invested in Spotify and Deezer to work on existing categories and expand them globally.

You will witness the real power of Apple Music from a high place.

It is also unclear if Primephonic will be incorporated into Apple Music’s existing service and offer access to Primephonic. The company has not made any announcements on this front yet.

It will also be interesting to see how the subscriber base of Apple Music Classical compares with that of its main app, on which it is based, and how much revenue they bring in.

If the service is a success, expect other companies to launch similar services to reach out to their customers who do not want another subscription and still want quality music as before.

So, let’s wait and watch.

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