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Amazfit T-Rex Pro -Best rugged smartwatch

So if you’re the kind of human being who actually likes getting their arse off the sofa and going outdoors. To do all kinds of crazy active type stuff. And you might be looking for a rugged smartwatch to accompany you. On your assaults on nature and that’s where the amaze fit t-rex pro fits in.

Amazfit T-Rex Pro is definitely one of the more durable smartwatches that we have reviewed out in quite some time. Amazfit’s slogan for T-Rex Pro is -explore your instincts. With this tough water-resistant design it’s strong battery life it’s excellent fitness tracking as well the amaze fit t-rex pro is definitely designed for lots of active outdoor.


Amazfit T-Rex Pro comes in three colors. You can grab it in a meteorite, Black desert gray or Steel blue.
Moving on and the mirrors fit rather cheekily described this as a metal spread bezel. In other words it’s basically just plastic with a metallic style sort of paint job to it despite being made of plastic though the Amazfit t-rex pros definitely got a decent heft to it.

Amazfit T-Rex Pro colors

Weight is just 60 grams but you know like most rugged smartwatches once you slap it on your wrist you get used to wearing it. You kind of forget it’s even there.It comes with 22 mil silicone straps slapped on this thing nice and comfortable even if you’re wearing them basically non-stop. They are not removable though.

Unlike quite a lot of other smartwatches but yeah certainly well suited to exercise anywhere. Suddenly it is useful when your skin’s getting all hot and sweaty.

Basically Amazfit T-Rex Pro is not designed for aesthetics. It’s designed to be tough as heck.

Water resistant

Amazfit T-Rex Pro has survived 15 military-grade tests. It is shock absorbent. It comes with a pre-installed tempered glass screen. The bezel helps to protect it as well because it’s kind of sunken in there. It can tolerate hot and cold temperatures to extreme degrees it’s water-resistant down to depths of around 10 atmospheres so basically on the double hard bastard scale is definitely worthy of four and a half out of five.


If you’ve never had an Amaze fit watch before. The excellent news is setup is nice and simple just using the zep app which you can download from the Apple app store or the google play store. The app allows you to track your progress with all of your fitness stats and everything.


Amazfit T-Rex Pro

T-rex pro comes with a 1.3 inch AMOLED display 360 by 360-pixel resolution. So images are nice and crisp and colors are reasonably poppy too.

Maximum brightness it’s reasonable perfect clear outdoors. And yes you do have an always-on display feature. Well, because it’s an all-AMOLED screen, you can activate that in the zep app, but having that turned on will impact your battery life.

It also comes with a blood-oxygen saturation test basically -In high-altitude areas, every meter you travel upward comes with greater challenges. The Amazfit T-Rex Pro will therefore alert you whenever it detects that you experience major altitude changes and prompt you to take the blood-oxygen saturation test. This test can also be taken whenever you feel uncomfortable in order to protect your body better.


When it comes time to track your work out Amazfit T-Rex Pro have no complaints there whatsoever. You’ve got a massive selection of stuff to choose between.

Amazfit T-Rex Pro comes with specific dance workouts indoor sports outdoor sports swimming of course because of the water-resistance out f the box and ball sports where they got water sports for winter sports like skiing and snowboarding.

You also have 24-hour heart rate monitoring on there if you like the sp02 measurements. you’ve got onboard GPS tracking for the outdoor hiking and running and all that good stuff as well so it’s got all the features you would expect from a fitness tracker except for potentially the ability to store music on there to listen to so you can just leave your smartphone at home.


And like the other amaze fit watches the t-rex pro could do a good bit of sleep tracking as well.

If you don’t mind having this mighty morpho strapped to your wrist all night long then you can check out exactly how good your sleep sessions have been in the zep app, which breaks down your light sleep your deep sleep in any moments where you’re awake as well. The sleep recording isn’t always 100 percent accurate.


It comes with a remarkable 390 milliamp capacity cell. Now amaze fit claims that will give you around 18 days of typical use or nine days of heavy use.


Amazfit T-Rex Pro price starts with $139.99.

Stay Tuned. Hope to catch you in the next one, Peace out to you.

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