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Alfawise C50 Mini Smart Laser

Alfawise C50

Alfawise C50 is a smart laser engraving machine that we can use every day. It is useful for craftsmen, artists, or just for amateurs to make anything.

Small Body, Not Limited to the Place:

It is a portable and compact device. It can place on any desk and can easily operate. The whole body can be assembled and disassembled. Alfawise C50’s body is made up of Plastic and metals, which makes C50 durable and robust.

Alfawise C50  deal

Precision Laser Module:

It comes with a replaceable laser head. The C50 laser head is very stable and can work for more than 10,000 hours continuously. 1600mw German OSRAM laser chip combined with heat dissipation is provided in C50. It can engrave up to a depth of 2mm with a maximum engraving area of 98 x88mm, which is quite suitable for a Laser printer.

precision  Alfawise

Safety Measures of Alfawise C50:

It is a worry-free device and can use at home. It comes with G-Sensor, which can stop the machine when any abnormal movement (shaking, falling, collision and tilt, etc.) occurs during engraving. Once the machine returns into normal, we can resume the work by clicking the APP to continue engraving.

It also provides eye safety for users. Brackets, design in such a way that it restricts rays from coming in the operator’s eyes. Alfawise C50 comes with google also for eye protection.

eye protevtion

Other Features of Alfawise C50:

It can operate through a mobile phone APP. Mini Laser Engraving Machine app has many features, and the company continuously updated. Multi-layer editing, text editing, eraser, and zoom are some functions that make the user work very easily.

It engraves and cuts various materials. We can engrave on wood, ceramic, paperboard, cardboard, bamboo, leather and fruit peel, etc. Material that can be cut is veneer, cardboard, paper card, non woven fabric, and EVA. Small Details can easily  engrave as it comes with engraving resolution of 508 dpi. By this resolution, we can engrave in 1:1 picture size.

many materials engraving