1 Xiaomi Airmotion Woobi Play F95 mask for $24.99

Xiaomi Airmotion Woobi Play F95 mask for $24.99

Airmotion Woobi Play F95

Xiaomi is a giant company that comes with a new and advanced product according to the world need. This time Xiaomi has launched Airmotion Woobi Play F95 to fight a war against Covid-19. 




 Filtration Efficiency :

Airmoton Woobi Play F95 has a high-level filtration system that filtrates viruses, bacteria, and dust particles of PM2.5. Moreover, its filter is replaceable, which makes this product more usable. It consists of a one-way vent silicone valve plate that allows only one-way passage of air to ensure that coming particles are not contaminated. 


 Quadruple Protection of Airmotion Woobi Play F95:

 Its filtration system has a four-layer of filtration, which makes breathing safer for us. Its layer is a filament with polyester and manometer melt-blown. This four-layer filtration prevents approximately 95% of PM 2.5 size particle to penetrate inside our respiratory system with air.



 Portable Wear:

 Its band is made up of soft and skin-friendly elastic silicone material. Adjustable and fit according to the face size of different persons. Due to this, an ordinary person can comfortably wear this mask for 12 hours without a break. Mask designed mainly for children from all countries, but adults can also wear it nicely. It is a lightweight mask of 65g. The main problem of wearing face mask hourly causes the chances of aspiration problems.


 Washable Disinfection Design of Airmotion Woobi Play F95:

The whole mask is washable with detergent or soap. Furthermore, the filtration system is also washable and easy to install again. Children can themselves arrange the pieces and use them. It comes in two categories, one is for kids over six years old to 16 years, and know as Type 1 mask. Type 2 mask is for adults over 16 years old. Different parts of the costume in different colors. The upper layer of the mask has a nano-bacterial coating. This coating on the upper layer prevents further spread of the virus.

Airmotion Woobi Play F95 color

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