360 X95 Vacuum Cleaner is now launched

360 X95 Vacuum Cleaner

The 360 X95 Vacuum Cleaner is the smartest and advanced technology. It comes with the most significant concept and beautiful design. This is fully automatic. It has an aesthetic appeal with good experience of cleaning the floor. The prettiest product ever, it is the best for home appliances.
Moreover, it has a great life and a lovely body that will never give you any disappointment. This is the best product for daily use. The design is utopian, which will increase your living standard.

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Stylish Design of 360 X95 Vacuum Cleaner:

The Robert vacuum cleaner has a stylish look and design. It has ABS (Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) plastic material, which is the best material for this type of product. It has a sphere in shape that comes in white colour that makes this product more elegant. Apart from that, it is compatible, don’t take more space. This is the best in design. It has a really attractive look with unique features, which makes your life easier.


 25 Sensors for mopping of 360 X95 Vacuum Cleaner:

It has various characteristics that are easy for your hectic life. The Robert vacuum cleaner has different and unusual features. This vacuum cleaner automatic but you can also access by the remote, it has 25 sensor which makes easy for mapping and objectifying the finest dust particles. It does not create unwanted noise like another vacuum cleaner. It has less noise 42-58db, which is negligible for human ears.

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Mops on different Surfaces:

Moreover, it can clean any floor such as Carpet, Ceramic Tile, Marble Floor, Shag Carpet, Tile Floor, Wood Floor. The smart and advanced technology gives more variety of features you can put your robot vacuum to work when you’re not at home. It has it is own remote and application; otherwise, it supports Alexa and googles home.

360 x95 vacuum cleaner

Excellent charging features:

It has more features, self-charging, self-mapping, and powerful performance. One of the best things is a 2650pa suction power Electrically controlled water tank—a 20% increase over the previous generation, with a carpet booster mode. Battery & charge:- The 360 X95 Robot vacuum cleaner comes with excellent battery life and self-charge. It has a 5200mAh battery, which takes 3 hours to complete a 100% charge.