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15-Inch Apple MacBook Air Could Launch This Year- Rumored



The Apple MacBook Air has been Apple’s smallest and lightest notebook computer for nearly a decade. According to rumors, it may be getting a replacement that is even smaller and lighter than the Air. According to a recent report from Mark Gurman of Bloomberg, the 15-inch MacBook Air is anticipated to launch later this year, while the 12-inch variant won’t be available until next year.

Earlier this month, sources supposedly told that a new 15-inch MacBook Air with an unspecified processor is anticipated to launch later this year. It is not sure how they managed to call it an “unspecified processor” when the only chip available for Mac notebooks is Core i5 and i7 processors.

Ross Young, a display analyst, had previously predicted that Apple would begin producing 15.5-inch MacBook Air display panels in the first quarter of 2023. The device might be formally unveiled as early as this spring if the schedule stays the same.

The design might be similar to previous ones. It is not yet clear whether the rumor will stand, but Macbooks are likely to get a design refresh at some point this year. It is also unusual that the MacBook Air, which has always been a fanless notebook, will include anything other than the entry-level Apple Silicon CPUs, such as the M1 Pro above or their M2 equivalents, as they need stronger thermals.

Some sources say that Apple will continue to sell both Air models for several months after the 15-inch variant launches later this year or early next year, with most buyers choosing the smaller size and a less expensive price tag than the current model. The report claims that Apple is planning to introduce updated MacBook Pros in spring 2023 at their launch event, which may mean that the 15-inch Air may be delayed until then.

The laptop will be powered by a powerful M2 or M2 Pro chip, one of the fastest and most efficient AI machine learning chips. This year, a few more Mac products will be powered by the new M2 series Chipsets, which are expected to be unveiled soon.

The 12-inch MacBook Air is expected to debut this year or in 2024, contrary to earlier predictions. More details are awaiting, and we have to wait for the official apple event to be held.